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Do you stalk your registries?

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My shower is about 3 weeks away (YEAH I am so excited smile29.gif), anyway we have 3 wedding registries and I am dying to continually check them but I promised myself I wouldn't.


I really wish I wouldn't have made that stupid promise ban.gif. The reason I did was b/c I used to work with this girl "L" who was really greedy about her wedding registries and the very first thing she would do when she got into work in the AM was log on and check every one of them and then make comments about what she got or didn't get and try to guess who bought it. It drove me INSANE and I wanted to stab her so I promised myself I wouldn't check and it is driving me crazy!

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um yes, i am guilty of that offense. i check my registry daily since last week because my shower is in 9 days! some days when no gifts are bought i start to get upset, mainly because i have bought really nice shower & wedding gifts for many people invited to my shower. its one of my recent bridezilla moments, i admit. but i dont tell anybody i do it and i sure dont comment about whats been bought!

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Ahhh I love surprises and it drives me crazy when people check their registries! Stop ruining the fun for the gift givers. LOL. J/K.


I don't have a registry but if I did, I wouldn't want to check it. This way it could be more fun to be surprised.

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I do check it if I am close to a shower. I've had 2 so far and one more to go! I am mainly checking to see how things are coming that are in sets (yeah, right)


I mean if someone bought 6 dinner plates, why would you buy 4 salad bowls and not the remaing 4 plates!


I am also a little worried because we registered in February and a few of our items are no longer available!


On a side note, it's not that I'm mad when I get a gift, but I really would rather have something from my registry! I have so many picture frames and scrapbooks, I don't know what to do with them! LOL

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i checked mine because my mom told me I didn't have enough plates on there. I had forgotten that i still needed to update it & one of my fiestaware colors isn't sold at taht store anymore so those were off the list.


So I logged on to make changes & saw all this stuff had been purchased. I couldn't help but check it out then. I checked my registry honestly witht he intention to see if i needed to add more to it. So much was gone from one of my registries I wanted to make sure i didn't underestimate how much to put on it. The other registry had plenty.


So now I feel like I should keep an eye on the one registry to make sure there is plenty on it. Or will people just move on the other store? I would feel bad if people drove to one store & nothing was left. Maybe I'll swap some items out. There are some bowls on one registry that are available at the other store.


So yes, I stalk them but mostly with the intention to make sure they are up to date. But, once I do log in I can't help but check things out. This morning someone asked for my registry # so I peeked after i looked that up.

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