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Bridesmaid gifts

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I've gotten my bridesmaids jewelry to match their dresses and we bought them their dresses but I wanted to get them one more thing. Here are my two options...

1. A tiffany blue leather luggage tag (because who doesn't love tiffany's)

2. or I was going to get everyone something different that is unique to them (ie, a monogrammed bracelet for one, a running watch for one, a designer pair of sunglasses for one, etc) This was initially my favorite idea, but now I'm a little worried about getting them different things because I don't want anyone to feel jaded if they like someone else's gift more and I'm imagining how fun it would be to give them a gift from tiffany's, but that's not very personal

please help me make up my mind

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I know they will love whatever you give them. I think personalizing things sounds great! I'm sure the gifts you have in mind for each girl are just the right thing. I don't think anyone will get mad or feel left out AT ALL! Someone who isn't a sunglass girl but loves jewelry, will love the fact that you thought about it and got her something to fit her personality! Very clever!!

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I love both ideas. However, I think personalized is the way to go. I think it gives the gift an extra sentimental touch. If you are worried about paying different amounts for each person, think about setting one price for all bridesmaids, and then spend only up to that price. This way it eliminates spending a lot of money on one person and only a little money on another person.

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