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Riu Palace Cabo - Anyone Rent the Nightclub? Meals at Steakhouse?

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Hi All,


I just received all my info from Daniela yesterday as far as choosing flowers, cakes, meals, locations etc.


We were thinking about paying the $500 site fee for the "Pacha" nightclub after the reception. It will be ours from 8:00pm - 11:00pm as a private event and will include a DJ and a bartender. We are having about 40 people so I think 1 bartender will be fine.


Has anyone else done this?


As well any feedback from anyone who had their reception at the Steakhouse Rest. She is saying that if we have a bigger group that it's easier to choose from a standard menu option so that we get better service - is this really the case. As well they offered for free enough sparkling wine for a toast for everyone if we wait until the reception instead of on the beach. If we do on the beach - our package only includes 3 bottles and we would have to pay $25 each bottle after.




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I was at the palace for 8 days and every night we peeked our head into La Pacha. It was empty every night. I'm wonderinging if showing up would be better than renting it out?! It will be open regardless with a d.j. and bartender.


The steakhouse food is good. A standard menu option may be faster...My reception was in a private area, but with Steakhouse food.


All of the sparkling wine, beer, and regular wine will be free at the steakhouse.

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I am renting the disco for about 2 1/2 hours after dinner. (We are getting married at the Santa Fe.... not Palace)

I think it is worth it... it will mean you have somewhere private to do the 1st dance (and father daughter dance etc...). We are going to also do our speaches and cake cutting there. It will be private... so i think totally worth it!


As far as having a set menu... we are not doing that. Nobody is going be in a big rush.... and I am having just a few less people than you. I always think it is weird to ask people what they want to eat a month in advance. I know if i was asked to chose in advance... and the day of, i would want whatever the next person was having! lol


As for champagne on the beach.... its champagne on the beach! How often do you get to experience that? Do it! i am totally doing it! You may regret not doing it. in the grand scheme of things.. what is an extra 100 bucks or so!


Good luck! = )

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I think renting La Pacha is money well spent, because it will be totally private. I would also do the champagne toast on the beach too. I know its extra money but just like cabobridey said, how often are you going to have champagne on the beach? We're planning on doing it for our wedding too.

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