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Ring bearer gift

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Parent's gift - check

Bridesmaids gift - check

Groomsmen gift - check

ring bearer gift - ccccrrraaapppp!


What are you getting your wedding party little people? We're having two ring bearers (2 & 5) and I'm at a loss. Do you just get them a toy? They are brothers, so I don't want the gift to be too large or their parents will kill me trying to pack going home. If it was up to my FI we'd get them a shotgun ("something every man needs") but unfortunately (or luckily) we can't get that through customs :)

Help please

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OMG, i didn't even think about a gift for my ring bearer. Mine is 1, and won't technically be carrying the ring he'll just be starting to walk. I did already buy some things for him, just because he's so stinking cute! But I think i'm going to make him a little beach bag with beach toys like buckets, shovels, and sand castle molds, a bathing suit, sunblock, and beach sweat jacket i got from old navy.

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So far we've got our ring bearer...(all from dollar tree) swimmies, a float, blow up ball, sand molds, sand sifter and a pail with shovel. I'll probably also pick up a coloring book and crayons (he'll be 3 1/2 when we get married).


We'll also planning to get him a gold ID bracelet.

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We had two ring bearers and gave them the ring bearer pillows as gifts. They were stuffed animals that looked like our puppy (see avatar) and they loved them.

Click the image to open in full size.


We also got them chalk mats that they could use to entertain themselves during the reception and few other small items.


Madallie: A Children's Travel Store - Crazy Art - Oil Cloth Chalk Mat/Blue

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