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Bahamas Wedding Locales!!


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Hello Bahamas Brides (Past, Present & Future) grouphug.gif


Please post the website of where you're going to or have already gotten married so we can all have a quick look of where the magic did and will happen for your special day!!



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I am getting married at Graycliff October 18, 2008.


We picked Graycliff in Nassau because it is very private and hardly have to do any of the planning ourselves.


The beaches at Sheraton and Wyndham were too busy with too many onlookers and jetskis in the background that we didn't feel it secluded enough for a wedding.


We have a perfect garden at Graycliff that is completely private with a coordinator that takes care of everything.

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Hi everyone!

I'm officiating a wedding tonight at the Sheraton Cable Beach. My clients are coming off a cruise ship, to the hotel, having their ceremony and getting back on the ship to party. It's a very cool idea.


So far - the resort itself is very pretty. I had lunch in the Dolphin Grill, and the food was not quite up to par. The beach service is non existent, but like I said - the view and the facility is beautiful.


I can say excellent things about Sharri, (pronounced - She-REE) here at the resort. She has already had 3 weddings today, and is on top of everything. Not to mention, she is incredibly pleasant, helpful, and eager to please. (And I'm only the wedding officiant!)


I'll post more info when I get back. I'm walking over to the Wyndham tomorrow morning to introduce myself to the Director over there, and to take a tour of the resort.


good luck to all!


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