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Changed my username


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Ok...I think it worked, guss i'm about to find out.


Like others, I got paranoid that people might find my "venting" threads and figure out who I am...I know I still have my pic up, but my username now isn't something I've used before, so no one would search for it LOL


Can we say PSYCHOhuh.gif? :)smile105.gif

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Haha, yeah, I figured it'd help keeping my pic the same..you'd either a)have to be my sister (she has my password to here in case she wants to search for anything...mental note, don't vent about sister...lol) or B) be really creative with my name, FI's bday and my bday to figure out my username :)


Rachel - I didn't post it in the other threads, but I LOVE your new haircut!!!!

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