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Waiting for results...


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***UPDATEd with funny pics :) ***


This is weird, but I guess this is the perfect place to vent/air this:


FI finally went to get his 'sperm count' done, to see if he's able to have kids and we're waiting on the results.


The background to this is that he was married before and his ex didn't want kids, so he got fixed. Then as soon as they separated, he had a reversal vasectomy. There were maybe 5 years between the two surgeries and it's been another 3 years (approximately) since the reversal.


I've done a bit of reading and know that there is a huge possibility that it wasn't successful. Even when it is, sometimes scar tissue can re-form and the tubes can close up. What if he was fertile and then over the past 3 years it's closed up?


We both really want to have kids and are excited about trying to get pregnant after the wedding.

I love him and we are both sure that we'll do anything it takes to have kids if it's not possible to do it naturally.


Nonetheless I'm nervous and on edge about this sad.gif IT's been over a week. I think we're waiting for a letter in the mail.


I need a hug sad.gif


Has anyone else been through this?

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oh I haven't been through it but I wish you the best of luck. One of my very close friends is a sperm donor baby because her dad's reversal did not work and honestly she doesn't think she would feel any differently about her dad, she feels that what matters is that he wanted her so bad that he went through all of that and still had her and raised her.

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It's totally expected to feel nervous. Why don't you try calling the clinic to see if they have the results yet. Plus even if you do get a letter, I'm not sure it will be in detail about what it all means. Were you referred to a clinic? If so I would try calling the Dr office that referred you and see if they can get the results sooner.


Good luck

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