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Family member to perform ceremony?

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My fiance's uncle is a presbyterian pastor. We were hoping that he could marry us where ever we decided to get married. We decided on Riu Ocho Rios. Does anyone know if family members can perform the ceremony? I emailed the hotel and got this response...


"I would like to inform you that as all ceremonies at Jamaica are legal, you can bring your own pastor but the Jamaican Minister has to perform the wedding and sign the all paperwork as the pastor has not legal bearing in Jamaica."



How involved in the actual ceremony does that mean the jamaican minister will be? Has anyone has a family member perform the ceremony?





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My pastor from home came to Jamaica to participate in our ceremony. His flight was delayed so he was a little late but the Jamaican minister was very accomodating. I think legally the Jamaican minister has to do the exchanging of the vows and signing the documents but outside of that he will allow an outside minister to read a bible verse, speak, say a prayer or whatever else you would like them to do. The minister does not attend the rehearsal so you may want to have your uncle meet with him right before the ceremony so they know who is going to do what.

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I am having my mom perform our entire ceremony without a Jamaican judge present. Therefore, our marriage won't technically be legal at that moment in time and the ceremony is considered "symbolic" (which is a little cheaper in price). We will either sign our papers right before we leave or right when we get home, which is when we'll officially be "married." I'm not sure how much different it would be for a religious ceremony. But, I think if you have someone close to you who can perform the ceremony, why not?

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