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hotel specific threads in the area forums versus in the accomodations sub-forums

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Hey guys, I notice some of the threads specific to one hotel (like ours: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t7767) are in the area forum (like the Mayan Riviera forum) whereas others (like this one: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t786) are in the accomodations sub-forum. Maybe in order to keep things more organized and easy to find (I notice the mods on here are always working hard to do that!) all threads like that should be in the accomodations sub-forum. It would be more consistent.


Just an idea.


Also, I've noticed on other forums that sometimes the topics from sub-forums show up in the larger forums (so in this case, the topics from the mayan riviera accomodations sub-forum would show up when you are in the general mayan riviera forum). Again, just an idea. Because right now, I wonder how many people actually realize the difference between the area forum and the accomodations sub-forum. Same for the vendor sub-forum. Most vendor and accomodations questions are just in the regular area forum rather than in the appropriate sub-forums, so what is the purpose of the sub-forums? Just throwing out some ideas

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Originally Posted by Tammy Host View Post
logistically it would be hard to do.
which one of my suggestions? I'm guessingyou mean having the sub-forums show up in the larger forum?

I would have thought moving all hotel specific threads to the accomodations sections would be simple enough, and maybe post a sticky telling people to start all future hotel specific threads there. But it's just a little suggestion, not very important and maybe not really worthwhile.
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