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I am trying to create my AHR/wedding announcement invites and I am at a loss for words. I need something that announces that we were married in Mexico and then the invite needs to say something about our reception and I need to include a RSVP card. I am trying to avoid sending out an announcement and then having to send out a separate AHR invite.

Any suggestions?


Thank you

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I should have a pic of mine within the next few days. I'm just waitingon the postman to deliver them!


We will have to send ours out before we get married so ours were worded:


Side by side we'll be partners in life,

Beneath palm trees swaying, we'll become man and wife


Erin (full name)


Mike (full name)


will be joined in marriage

June 21, 2008

Negril, Jamaica


Please join us in celebration upon our return

Saturday July 26, 2008


Louisville Ky

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We'll probably use a pic of us from them wedding and send these out as soon as we get back...but they'll say...


He slipped the ring on her finger

A promise made for life…

Join us as we share their joy

Now that they are man and wife.

Desiree XXXXX and Christopher XXXX

Exchanged Wedding Vows on

January 17, 2009 in Cancun, Mexico

Not everyone could attend

So why does the party have to end?!

Please join us for a party to Honor the Newlyweds

April XX, 2009




RSVP March 31




*Celebrating with us is the greatest gift you could give! *

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