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Somebody stole my restaurant!


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As many of you know, I'm having my reception at a villa and not doing the whole AI thing. So that leaves our choice of restaurants to cater the event pretty wide open. The problem is, very few have websites in St. Lucia, so it's a pain to get menus and price quotes.


FI and I found the perfect place in our price range. The type of food is exactly what we want. Last night, we went through and picked out our whole reception menu and did not argue over a single dish. Today, I was about to e-mail our menu to the chef when he e-mailed me first. He just received confirmation of a wedding going on at the resort the restaurant is at on our day and they can only do one event per day. So our perfect restaurant just disappeared. msncry.gif


Now I have to start over again. The other restaurants I have received menus from I wasn't crazy about and it's hard to find the contact info for some other ones. I do have a wedding coordinator at the villa, so I guess I'll have to start asking her for the info, but I liking researching this stuff myself. I wish I had just e-mailed the chef last night.

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Oh that's terrible. I'm so sorry. If it's that important, is moving the wedding date out of the question? Is it even possible?


We had our venue booked on the date we originally planned for. It was so important to us to get married at LC so we moved the date.

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