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Wow, I wish someone had responded to this...this is my exact question. Go to tripadvisor, you will see some really nice pics @ Iberostar Coz. I emailed the wedding coordinator of Iberostar a week ago and still have not had a reply. I actually talked to someone who did have a wedding there from Tripadvisor and she said she loved it. The thing I really don't like about that place is the rooms look bad... like really bad. I don't know, I guess it has some charm, but I know some people (like my fussy parents!) would really be turned off over the sort of dirtiness haha


If having not so good rooms doesn't bother you, it might be worth checking out. I'm still planning for mine (Jan 2010) and this is one of the leading resorts for me. Its just those rooms....!!!!

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hi, i'm also looking into iberostar cozumel. i emailed but never heard from them so i called. communication has been slow so. what did you guys decide on? i'm also concerned about the rooms, but i guess we won't be spending much time there anyway.

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Hi all!


If you are thinking about having your ceremony in this beautiful location, here's all you need to know about Cozumel weddings:


Part 1: http://www.weddingdaystory.com/blog/2016/03/22/4112/cozumel-weddings/

Part 2: http://www.weddingdaystory.com/blog/2016/03/30/4129/cozumel-weddings-part-2/






If you need anything from information to photo or video quotes, don't hesitate to contact us! :D

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