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Wedding a week and a half away...and Karisma says no bouquet??

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Okay I am FUMING!!!!!! I received an email TODAY from Fabio at Karisma Resorts (my weddding is at Azul Beach in a week and a half mind you)

which says that they cannot accomodate my request for cream calalillies for my bouquet...are you kidding mehuh.gif? He explained that yes, they could get my bridesmaids bouquest (pink and orange calalillies), but not mine, and I would just need to pick out something else. I guess there are NO cream calalillies in Mexico...give me a break!!!


It just really irritates me that I have compromised soooo many times and done things like pay 500.00 for having an outside photographer!!!! This is what I wrote back:




Please remember that we SPECIFICALLY asked you if the calalillies would be available for the wedding, and you said not a problem. Again, understand that while Lomas and Azul may put on weddings daily, MY wedding only happens once, and we have put a great deal of thought and effort into what we'd like on that day. I am in sales as well, and I can assure I would never mislead a customer, let alone tell them something as important as their bouquet would not be available. ESPECIALLY after they have already paid for it.


Again, this is not something I will compromise on. If I am expected to believe that there are no cream colored calalillies in Mexico available on June 6th, that is simply ridiculous. Furthermore, as a bride, this is certainly not something I should be involved with so close to the date. Your website says "Make all your dreams come true", and your brochure also states that will handle all the details. That is NOT happening.


If we had known this was going to be an issue, we would have arranged another way of getting the flowers there.


I hope you can appreciate that we need an answer immediately, as we will be departing soon for the trip. If you do not have an answer, again, please forward a supervisor's name who can provide one.


I appreciate all that you have done thus far, but I think we can all agree that this is just BAD BUSINESS.




Jennifer Moss

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i don't know anything about flower availability but i totally agree he shouldn't have told you "no problem" if it might not have been a possibility.


your response to him was PEFECTLY said.


i hope it all works out :)

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Good for you for sticking up for yourself. They shouldn't tell you things can be done and then last minute retract their statements. That obviously puts you in a bind- either you live with your details not being perfect or you have to find a last minute alternative. That's crap.


I think cream would be available now. LC uses cream in their bouquets often. I would think Eastern Mexico would still be able to access them. After all, aren't calla lillies a main flower in Mexico.


Anyways, I wish you luck. I hope they learn their lesson and don't dick with you anymore and ensure it turns out perfect. Good luck.

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jen i can tell you that white callas are not hard to find in mexico. they are everywhere. perhaps its the color being specifically cream that they cant accomodate? white calla lillies (called alcatraces in spanish) are widely available.


either way, you did a beatiful job standing up for yourself in your email. it was well written without being too emo.

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