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A Long Wearing Lipstick/Lipstain Review from Amy


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Okay Ladies….Iâ€m hoping to save you all some time and dreaded decision making over lip color by offering my review of long wearing lip color/Lip stains. I seriously feel like Iâ€ve tried them all! I spent some time this past long weekend testing all of my makeup out to make sure everything was water, sweat, and kiss proof….(Andy liked that part) bunny_4.gif

I was on the hunt for a pretty pink color that would look like a gloss, but stay on for many many smooches on the wedding day. Here is what I tried, liked, and didnâ€t like: I hope it helps!


1) CoverGirl Outlast in “Berries and Creamâ€:

Outlast Double LipShine :: CoverGirl


This is what Iâ€ll be wearing. I applied it, let it dry, then filled in a bit of the color with some extra Covergirl lipstick (their classic longwear in Iceblue pink), then finished with the gloss on top. I ate lunch, went to the gym, went for a long walk outside in the sun....sweated….ate dinner, washed my face, and still woke up with pink lips. This definitely had the best wear of them all….and the cheapest…go figure!


2) Estee Lauder Double Wear in “Lock in Pinkâ€:

Estée Lauder - Official Site: Double Wear Stay-in-Place Lip Duo


I bought this from Macys this past weekend as well and tried it the next day after the Covergirl. It did stay on pretty good, but not really in the middle of my lips. It was mostly around the outer lip. I liked the top gloss better, but my lips felt much more dry and sticky than the others. Not very comfortable, but it would be my 2nd choice if I had to choose one.


3) Vincent Longo lip stain/shimmer in “Bellini Loveâ€:

Sephora: Vincent Longo Pearlessence Gel Stains: Lip Stain


This is what the makeup artist at Sephora had me buy. I liked it when I wore it home from Sephora, but it wasnâ€t enough color for me. It was the right shade of pink and very pretty and sparkly, but didnâ€t come with a top coat (he suggested I buy the MAC one) and I thought for 25.00 it was kind of a rip. It would have worked, but I returned it.


Loreal Infallable in “Azaleaâ€:

(The one in the little silver case)


Iâ€ve had this one for a while and wear it sometimes to work, but it always ends of making my lips flaky and I regret it everytime I put it on. It is very drying, even with the topcoat. A few of my girlfriends love it, but I donâ€t think it would work great for the wedding day….it always ends up flaking off.


Victoria Secret “Tempt my lips†Stain:

Victoria's Secret - Lip Stain


If I was going for a red hue I would go for this one. I use it during the work week as kind of a color base, then apply lip gloss on top. It gives you a kool aid kind of stain and lasts at least until lunch time for me. It doesnâ€t dry my lips out at all. Warning: it is very red so you canâ€t mess it up and get it anywhere else! The one from the link is different than the one I have, but I think it is the same idea. I got mine on clearance a while back.


Let me know if you have any other quesitons for me....I've spent a small fortune trying to get the right makeup for the BIG day!

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Great review Amy. I used MAC and it lasted pretty well. I like the idea of a cheaper one, but I have the hardest time finding shades I like. I like to try them on before purchase so I don't waste my money. I may go give this one a try again.

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Awesome reviews Amy! Such a great idea! I've only tried the Loreal Infallable & believe it or not, dark colours stay on better than light ones! My deep berry colour stays on through anything (even when I woke up the next day!), but my soft coral colour comes off within about 30 mins! Surprising considering you would think they light colour would stay better!

I think I'm gonna go out & get the CoverGirl Outlast today to try out! Thanks so much!!

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I LOVE the Covergirl outlast. I've been wearing it for years. A really nice mild red color is called Canyon (I think it's 565), and then a really nice natural pink is Naturalast and is #545. I used to wear Canyon every single day. Now I'm wearing the Naturalast because FI says that redish lipstick reminds him of his mother (and that was the end of my Canyon wearing days!)

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I don't have pics of me.....but here are some of the other producst I bought that I will be using day of, in case you were interested. I'm really picky about makeup, so everything is quality tested by yours truly. Also, a fun discovery...I bought all of my makeup brushes at COSTCO! They had an amazing set there for only 15.00 with all of the brushes and a case. They are really just as nice as the expensive ones and what a price!



Sephora: LORAC Blush: Blush

For everyday use I use the NARS "orgasm" color, but it is too sparkly for wedding photos. I was told to go with a matte face so I don't look shiny in pics

Makeup foundation:

Primer (Laura Mercier primer):

Sephora: Laura Mercier Foundation Primer: Primer

Foundation: Estee Lauder "new Double Wear light"

Estée Lauder - Official Site: Double Wear Light Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF 10

Finishing Powder: Laura Mercier (in Translucent)

Sephora: Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder: Loose Powder

Touch up Powder compact: Estee Lauder Double Matte in "Translucent" This works great to get shiny spots and stayed on throughout my workout on Saturday.

Estée Lauder - Official Site: Double Matte Oil-Control Pressed Powder



Liner: Makeup Forever in Dark Brown

Sephora: Make Up For Ever Kohl Pencil: Eyeliner


Base: Laura Mercier base in "Platinum"

Sephora: Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colour: Eyeshadow

All-over: Stilla in "kitten"

Sephora: Stila Eye Shadow Pan: Eyeshadow

Crease: Urban Decay (one of the darker browns)

Sephora: Urban Decay Eyeshadow: Eyeshadow

Eyebrows: Anastasia (I love this stuff!) Can't remeber which color

Sephora: Anastasia Brow Powder Duo


Lips: you know the story......:)

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ooo thanks for the tip on the costco brushes, im going there this weekend to do some scouting with my stepmom for food and alcohol for my shower :) ill have to pick up a set!

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