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We are doing the boarding pass STD (fun, informal) when addressing them to our guests do we use Mr. and Mrs. infront of them or can we just use their names (i.e. Ryan and Casey Last Name)? Or do we do Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Last Name? Just wondering what everyone thinks!!


Thanks for your help!


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We're going completely informal. Chris goes by his middle name (first name is Anthony) and my legal name is Kristin, but I always go by Kristy. Since we didn't want peolpe wondering who Kristin and Anthony were, we canned the formal writing. It's so much easier!


I say just be consistent.

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Since save the dates are considered to be an "informal" communication, you have flexibility in how you address them. You aren't even required to hand write them like you are supposed to do with your "formal" communications, so we used labels for our STDs.

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