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Wedding Gowns - You VS Model

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I know this is years after you posted the original post, Starrysim, but I seriously just made an account on here to thank you.


I was sitting here agonizing because I thought I had purchased the wrong dress, because I found the Anniston dress on Pinterest and just couldn't get over trying to imagine how it would look on me.

First off, you look GORGEOUS in the dress! But since I have a different body type, I realize that it almost definitely would not fit me the same way it fits you or the model.


Anyway, just wanted to say that it's 5 years later and your post is still helping future brides!  :)  Thank you!!!

Please forgive me, but I so loooove this thread, that I'm including a few more. I'm sure someone one day will seach for the style name and find it useful :)


Maggie Sottero - Primavera (so NOT a destination dress, despite my mom's best efforts to convince me)



MS Isadora Marie





MS Jamilia (sooooo much prettier in the picture)



MS Anniston



Ok, I'm done for now. But I've got more if anyone wants them :)



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The picture of your is really beautiful than in model. Usually the gowns and body shapes decides the beauty of dresses. For tall girls, the fairy tale dresses are bad and better for curvy brides.

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