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Hi Girls,


Filling out my form to confirm my wedding at Riu Ocho Rios. Did anyone use a family member as a witness?? I thought I read somehwhere that family members weren't allowed to be witnesseshuh.gif

For those that have already been married, did all four people you wrote down have to sign as a witnesshuh.gif


Help on this one would be appreciated :)

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I got married in the mayan riviera and I was allowed to use our 4 parents as witnesses. I was also concerned because I knew some places didn't allow family members, but obviously our area does (might not be the entire mayan riviera, but it would be the same for Playa Del Carmen area because that's what's marked on our certificate even though we got married in Tulum)

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Originally Posted by amandalovesryan View Post
just got married, when i filled out the online form, i listed my parents as witnesses. when I had to sign the certificate after the ceremony, they had both of our fathers as witnesses. hope this helps!
Thanks ALR..I was worried as I was listing my FH's brother as one of the witnesses. All the rest are friends but I was concerned about him.
You wanna list people that you know are going forsure!!
So u need only two witnesses then ..that's weird they make you list four.
Thanks the help..you're super! :)
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We're going to use in laws and my sister and not sure about the 4th. We need 4 and all witnesses have to be there with us on the Monday (we get married on Friday) with their documents... not sure why, but that's what our WC wants.

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