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BUYER BEWARE..... (Etsy purchase gone BAD!!!)


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Ok ladies let me just say that I LOVE Etsy and will still continue to make purchases. Just not from this seller Emilygems!!!


Back in December I purchased a necklace from this seller, and quickly realized that I had already made a previous purchase from another seller and emailed Emilygems to see if I could cancel the transaction....


Etsy :: Green Amythest necklace crystals pearls with Rose Quartz Earrings gold fill


Here is the emailed that I sent to Emilygems shortly after I made the purchase!




I am contacting you again about the purchase that I need to return. Can you please get back to me ASAP.


Thank you,



No response.... Nor did I every receive the necklace!!! But she got my money... via PayPal! So I left her this as my feedback! I then sent additional emails in mean time asking for my purchase.... and still no response...(see below)



After almost a month I still haven't received my order nor have I gotten a response to all my emails. Poor customer service



This is the third time that I am contacting you about my order. I had contacted you once I ordered it to ask if I could return the item and you did not respond. I placed the order on December 15th and the my credit card statment and paypal shows that you recieved the money. I would assume that if you hadn't recieved my emails that I would have recieved the items but I have not. Would you please return my emails or I will have to report this to Etsy and paypal.


Thank you,


26 December 2007 6:39pm EDT


Still no response.... So I filed a complaint with Etsy and they told me to go to PayPal to get a refund and I did.


So MONTHS go by and I get these to total Bipolar responses....



I am SOOOOOOO sorry for the mix up. I was forced to leave an abusive realtionship, a man who I have an eight year old son with and my whole world fell apart. Apparently when I went into the rears with etsy they shut me down without informing me that I had sales. I was not able to view my own shop to see if there was activity. I am not ussually like this with my business, I am much more proffessional and I can completely understand your feelings on the matter. I will offer you several options. I am not sure I still have the piece you bought (it wont tell me what you bought) and if I do I am more than happy to send you the merchandise plus any free merchandise you want up to three pieces. As I have nothing listed you can custom order these if you choose that route. Or I can send you a refund in full as soon as possible. I do still have the money in paypay, I did not spend a dime of it, but I didn't know where it was from and what it was for because etsy so abrubptly cut me off. My ex husband stole money from my account and overdrew it. They wouldn't side with me and I didn't have a spare $300 to pay his theft off. I finally took him to court and won my money. He has made my life a living hell, as you can imagine and for this I am sooo angry. Well I am just now moved into a tiny studio, while he stays in our house, I am getting my life back on track and re-opeing what was a very succesful business for me. I love what I do and nothing is more important to me that my customers. Again I am so incredibly sorry I wasn't able to deal with you properly, but I would like to right my wrong. I am willing to do whatever it takes to make things right. Please let me know what you would like me to do (I have to change my bank info w/ paypal so it may take a few days for me to refund your money, but I am doing that today, please let me know what I can do to make it right and help you and I will do so asap.


Thank you so much for your patience and understanding (I would tell you more but It is my private life, lets just say it took me over a year to fix all the damage he caused in my life)


Thanks again and I will be here daily picking up the pieces of my etsy shop and getting it running again. I hope you will check my feedback and see that this is a one time thing, onlly because I did not know you exsisted!


So Sorry,





(feel free to call if you need to discuss anything at all!

10 May 2008 10:01pm EDT


As to which I responded with this....


I am sorry to hear about your situation but when you are running a business you can't always use your life as an excuse, having read your other message as well I will not be doing ANY further transactions with you nor will I be accepting your offer.....but after reading your other message I'm not entirely sure that you were making the offer for me!


It has been 5 months since my original purchase and while I realized that it didn't look like I was going to getting my money back I fully expected to get my purchase! I contacted Etsy and PayPal and place a complaint and they both tried to contact you as well. Your shop was in FULL swing while all this was going on..... it was only closed down in I believe February. I made a purchase and never received the items it was that simple.... I tried to contact you once I realized that I had already purchased another item and wanted to know if I could return the item once you never returned ANY of my messages nor did you respond to PayPal or Etsy I chalked it up to a bad seller.


I own my own business as well and if this was a shop on the street I would have totally reported you to the BBB. And after receiving you other message I will not be recommending your product.... Not due a lack of quality....because I never got to see that unfortunately, but because of the poor customer service and lack of organization.


Good luck with your future business,


10 May 2008 11:23pm EDT


And then I look in my mail box again and see another totally different convo from her.... Get this one.....


I am so sorry,

I had you mixed up with somebody else! Let me know what you purchased, how much it was and I may be able to help you. I, along with many other internet sellers, especially on etsy, deal with alot of impulse buy issues. I cannot control the fact that you clicked buy now and then changed your mind. I try to urge everyone to think before they buy, to avoid this exact scenario. Anyway I am back online and we will see what we can work out. I have never had a return request before so having a policy, up until now has not really crossed my mind. But I have to say this. I don't know if you really truly do want to return it or if you bought it for a special occasion and want to try to return it for your money, I am not saying that you did this by any means, but you have to understand that I lose alot of money when I return items.


Please contact me with further info, if you can let me know if you purchased the other item from a seller on etsy so I can confirm that, but I want you to know that if you buy nice, handmade top quality jewelry and then decide you could go to macy's and buy imported plastic for cheaper that you will most likely lose on both ends. Most handmade items have a no return policy (I have never had a policy because nobody has ever tried to return anything) and the cheap, mass produced jewelry they sell in boutiques, like cookie lee and stuff at macys is never as good as it looks. I am not saying this is the case I am only stating that I have seen alot of impluse buying, regret and people trying to return things. I cant even view what you bought so if you coulf describe it to me, and if it is top condition I may be able to help you out.


Thanks again,


10 May 2008 10:22pm EDT


OK!!!!! HELLO! WTF!!!!! To which I responded with...




Let me start by saying that is customer service something important to you? Just curious because this message was a rant to justify your not returning an item that I NEVER EVEN RECEIVED!!!!!!! Check the date on my original message DECEMBER 15, 2007!!!!!! It was my mistake and would have been perfectly fine with you saying that I could not return it!


I am a small business owner myself and would NEVER consider going off on a customer with such a simple request. And just so you know I did buy the item from another Etsy seller and it was a beautiful transaction and item. And I actually got it too!


And for the future maybe you should have a return policy for your customers in the event that this may happen again..... I know how credit card transactions work and trust me you don't lose THAT much money. I too believe in the handmade product and would agree that not all products are created equally but you need step off your soap box!

10 May 2008 11:10pm EDT


So I am totally baffled at this point and quit frankly PISST OFF! So I get a response to my response. By this point I just want to be done with this whole thing.... I think it's extremely unprofessional that she would go on a litany about this sob story about her baby daddy.... To be honest while it sucks for her in my eyes it's no excuse... We all have issues going on but when you are running a business you can't let all that shit get in your way!


Im sorry for the miscommunication but Etsy cut me off before it informed my customers that my shop was no longer open. I couldn't access it and when I did get my finances in order there was no information from a certain date on, I only recieved messages from the date I contacted Etsy so I mayhave missed your message. I really dont know what to say other than I have had an extremely difficult year, I was homeless for over six months and my sons father stole several thousand dollars from a joint account because I couldn't get him to sign his name off my money and technically there was nothing the bank could do. I did not mean to "go off" on you, I was just trying to explain the situation. I wasn't aware and still am not aware of what you purchased and when so I did not know wether you recieved it or not, because as I said Etsy closed the shop to me before it closed to the public, therefore I could not log in. I apologize and am willing to refund your money as I said before, I was only offering other options to try to let you know I am willing to work with you on whatever level works for you.


I cannot make excuses for my miscommunications, mistakes, and mishaps this past year. All I can offer is the truth of what I have been through. My sons father stole money from me, I assume for drugs because he became a drug addict when my son was about 5-6. I tried to help him and he only ruined my life further. I tried and when he became abusive I left, he then took out loans on our house by having someone else pretend to be me. Unfortunately I will probably be dealing with credit problems for years and all because we were never legally married. I have recieved nothing from him and have been turned away from shelters because I had no police reports. I was too afraid to even try to protect myself. I am now living every day in fear and hiding, just trying to put the pieces of my life back together. I didnt want to put this all on you and get into my private matters but I need you to understand that there is alot more to the situation than me just "not caring about my customers". I have been selling online for years and have never, not even once had a bad transaction that was not corrected or made right, and when I did have the two problems they had to do with mail, not me.


In any case I do not know how much you paid because Paypal has no record of payment, and Etsy has shown me no record of sale, what, how much or when. If you could provide me with the amount and the description, I am trusting you will be honest because I DO trust my customers, to tell me the right amount. I only have a certain amount in my account and I havent touched my paypal account because of the problems I have had. There is another customer that I have the same problem with and I cannot find any records of either transaction.


I apologize again for the miscommunication, I wish I could take back what has occured but in many ways the trade was worth being free from an abusive, controlling person who changed from a nice person, good father and best friend to a drug addicted, lying manipulative person overnight. I know, like I said that this is no excuse, but if you could at least try to understand that my customer's are very important to me, I have customers who have been with me from the beggining and have sent messages worried as to where I was. In hiding is what I said. Thank you for your understanding and please accept a refund and if you would like free jewelry I would be happy to provide you with a free item, no shipping. This time you can count on recieving it, and please accept this as a peace offering, not as a buy-off. Thank you and let me know what I can do, how much to return to you and the e-mail in which to send it.




19 May 2008 10:38pm EDT


And in the mean time she goes ahead and leaves a complete LIE in my feedback and blames me for her poor customer service....so it looks like it was all my fault! But keep in mind I didn't see this until tonight.... And went ahead and responded to here previous message...


This is a copy of the order. I do believe that I did receive a refund already from PayPal. I will double check. I understand what you are going through and am sympathetic to your situation. I too am going through a rough time as well.... I have a lot going on as well, my mother is having brain surgery next month, my fiance is serving 90 days in county jail for a DUI and we are having a destination wedding in October! So while I don't know exactly what you are going through I do understand a thing or two about pressure and stress as I also own a small business.


I would never lie about the amount or the item that I purchased nor would I ever want to take advantage of your disadvantage....again I will check with PayPal and see if I was given that refund! I just had a hard time understanding why you were blowing up on me in your previous email.

Green Amythest necklace crystals pearls with Rose Quartz Earrings gold fill




This serene and soft color palette is lovely and enchanting. The soft pale green Amythest is a nice addition to the gold filled chain, with swarovski crystal and freshwater pearl accents it makes for a simple yet elegant design. The rose quartz earrings match but can be worn by themselves for a simpler look.


The necklace is made with soft palette colors and has the large green amy briolette as the focal point. The accents are Swarovski crystals and cultured freshwater pearls. The crystal colors are chrysoprase (soft green), vintage rose (new color) and colorado topaz, sizes range from 4-6 mm in round and bicone shapes. The freshwater pearl colors are champagne sage and light bronze. The colors are subtle serene and luscious. The beads are accented with Bali handmade vermeil flower spacers. All are wire wrapped with gold filled wire and attached to gold fill chain. The chain is a 3.2 mm flat oval. Necklace is finished with a gold fill lobster clasp and pearl. Necklace measures 17 3/4 inches long and is adjustable to any length shorter than that.


The earrings are made with gold fill chain, wire and earwires with Rose Quartz briolettes and swarovski crystals. The briolettes are wire wrapped and attached to 6 mm chain links which have crystal dangles and then attach to the earwires. The earrings measure inches long.


Please include any sizing or design changes you need when ordering. Domestic shipping is free including giftwrap by request. I can include special occasion gift note with your message and will ship free to any adress in the US. International shipping is charged by weight and location. The charges are never more than I pay at the P.O. Thanks and enjoy browsing my large selection of handmade gemstone jewelry.

Sold on Dec 15, 2007

Tags jewelry, necklace, chain, gold fill, earrings, green amethyst, rose quartz, swarovski crystal, freshwater pearls

Materials goldfill, chain, wire, greenamythest, swarovskicrystal, freshwaterpearl, clasp, earwires


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Thank you,


22 May 2008 1:41am EDT


And I also sent her the transaction return from PayPal too... So tonight I was curious to see if she left me any Feedback.....Well she sure did.... This lady if FUCKING CRAZY!!!!


I have spent three or more days researching what went wrong and why I have no recollection of this purchase. First of all, we received an e-mail asking to return this item before it was even received, because the customer bought it on impluse and then changed their mind before even seeing the item. Furthermore I was out of town during this transaction, had no access to internet, my associate handled it, and it WAS shipped. With no insurance. It is up to the customer to purchase insurance for items they buy, I clearly state in every listing that it is not included in the cost of the purchase. The fact that it did not allegedly arrive is out of my hands, I didn't even ship the item, my employee did. I checked my records (paper files) and it shows that it was shipped the day after payment was sent and no insurance slip was filed. I was having a family emergency at the time and the customer has no understanding that sometimes things go wrong and there is nothing we, as sellers, can do about it. My recommendation is that A: think before you buy, avoid buying items you are unsure about wanting B: always purchase insurance, it is well worth it, and C: do not jump to conclusion before the seller even has the issue figured out and D: Do not leave neg. feedback before the seller has even resolved the problem. I have spent my valuable time investigating this and have come to find that I did nothing wrong and do not deserve negative feedback, furthermore I have tried to make things right even knowing that it isn't up to me to do so. I am not at fault. In seeing this negative feedback please consider the fact that I have had no negative feedback in all of my Etsy sales in the past two years, in the three years I spent on rubylane, and in the four years I spent on e-bay as a jewelry seller. This is nine years of sales with virtually no problems. I have loyal customers who return time and time again for my quality jewelry and outstanding value..and then there are one time buyers who see something they like and buy it. This is a one time buyer who has badmouthed me as a seller and badmouthed my product without even "allegedly" seeing it in person.

Emilygems5.20.2008Green Amythest necklace crystals pearls with Rose Quartz Earrings gold fill


Once I read this.... I couldn't resist I had to respond to this FUCKING Lunatic!!!!!


Oh..... Miss Emily! You have got to be kidding ME!!!! I just read the Feedback that you so "kindly" left for me! You've got some serious problems..... You blatantly LIED..... never once did you mention an employee....hmmmmm! And you your self have stated in the convos that you had no record of the order! I provided you with the order and the refund information! Remember I placed my order in DECEMBER!!!!!!! December....and you didn't get back to me until MAY!!!!! Almost 6 months to the day later!!!! I may have rushed to in leaving the feedback but I can say that what I wrote still stands!


So tell me how would something have been shipped to me that you have no record of the purchase! That's a total lie and you know it! And remember the customer is always right!!!!!! How dare you take no blame for this situation... I never "badmouthed" your product either....another lie! I really resent the fact that YOU made me out to look like the liar when I have all the evidence and all you ass kissing emails to show otherwise! It also appears that you had this issue with another customer as well because you stated that you had me confused with some else....so maybe this is a recurring problem with you!


Really EMILY it makes me think that your whole sob story is also another big fat fabrication..... Just so you know I will not be referring ANY business to you! BTW I belong to a wedding forum of 4000 brides WORLDWIDE and we all share our Etsy purchases with one another and I will copying all of you emails as well as mine and your feedback!!!!!!


Your customer service and your attitude will speak for itself all in due time!

26 May 2008 1:47am EDT





Etsy :: Emilygems :: I will be listing brand new items so check back soon!


PS.... Tell if you can find anywhere on her store where she mentions Insurance....because I couldn't find it anywhere!!!!!


Ladies let me know if I am crazy.....because I really don't think it's me!!!!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Though I'm emphatic to the seller, I think she should have found a more tasteful way to explain herself without going into the gory details. Regardless of the situation she should have just been apologetic and accommodating as possible. It kind of give me the creeps that she has all of that going on in her home and shared that information with you.smile41.gif

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Yeah....and that's exactly why now I think it might be another lie! Just like she lied in her feedback that she left me....all her messages contradict her feedback! When you have a small business or any business you NEVER treat a customer this way nor do you tell them you entire life story!

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Wow I am actually angry for you! I read the whole thing and if I saw her and had a good slap ready she would get it.

Sorry but everyone had their issue-EVERYONE! It seemed like the more you pushed for answers the worse her problems got. She is trying to guilt you into giving in and trying to paint you as crazy. I hope you can get this figure out! Good luck.

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Does she have an etsy username? If so, it would be nice to remove her last name. If someone googles her name they will find these letters & all this personal info. I know she emailed it to you, but probably didn't think it would end up on the internet.

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"My sons father stole money from me, I assume for drugs because he became a drug addict when my son was about 5-6."


Umm, I think it's the chick who is on the drugs!


"In any case I do not know how much you paid because Paypal has no record of payment"




What a nutcase. I'm surprised you engaged her as long as you did. I would have just gotten my refund and not even bothered communicating any further. Talk about drama.

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