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Paulina Ulloa - PV Photographer

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Originally Posted by klhutsell View Post
Has anyone used Paulina lately that could post some pictures? And also does Paulina offer a TTD session or has anyone used her for a TTD?



My wedding was on 06-07-08 and Paulina was our photographer. My husband and I loved working with her and her pictures of our wedding came out beautiful. Not only did we think so, but our family and guests also commented that some of the photos looked like magazine quality shots. I'm comfortable letting the photos speak for themselves. I posted the proofs to our personal wedding web site at Cindy and Eric...06.07.08 Wedding WebSite, the password required is CSEK678, then click on photo album. Please note that the web site will only be valid until November 2008 and taken down after that. I plan on writing a full review of Paulina and my wedding planner Priscilla Armino with Prisar in a separate thread. Our experiences with both were excellent.

I would like to address the negative review in this thread. It is so sad to hear anyone not happy with their wedding photos. I know I would have been devastated if I were unhappy with mine. But her review, though negative of Paulina, brings up some very good points about choosing a photograper that is right for you. Though Paulina takes gorgeous pictures, her style may not suit everyone. The primary reason why we chose Paulina was because of her more "natural" "photojournalistic" style. My husband absolutely hates to take pictures and the more "posed" the more uncomfortable he appears in them. Paulina's style suited him very well and I have some of the best photos of him and us together that I've ever gotten in the 4 years we've been together. I am comfortable in front of the camera so I was fine with either style and I prefer "posed" "stylistic" shots which she gave us many of those to suit my wants as well. For us, we got the best of both worlds and we are both extremely happy.

Honestly, I did not know Paulina did not speak English until our wedding day but we didn't have any issues communicating with her via her interpreter. Also, we usually understood what she wanted us to do with her gestures even before the interpreter explained. Not to mention, I thought she did a very good job of getting candid, more natural shots as the course of events took place. This helped with the comfort level of my husband. I booked Paulina after our WC, Priscilla, sent me some pics of previous wedding Paulina had shot and explained her style of photography. Also, I read up on her here in this forum. Selecting a photographer I think, is one of the most important vendors you have to choose in order to preserve the memories of your wedding day. Don't just book one because your wedding planner suggests him/her. Make sure to either speak directly with that photographer or do some research to make sure you know how that photographer works (his/her philosophy on photography). Also, express your particular needs or wants in advance and the day of to ensure you get the style of photos you're hoping for. From then on, cross your fingers and hope the images get saved and come out great! Also, I meant to make a list of specific shots I wanted but didn't get around to it - luckily I have a great memory and we pretty much got everything I wanted, but I still recommend writing a list.

Hope this helps someone!


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reach out to Kristin from TheDazzlingDetails.com she is in contact with her alot and could get you in touch with her. Paulina only speaks spanish and her website is very new, so it may take her a bit to get up to speed. Her work is amazing. Again I would reach out to Kristin.



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I just emailed Paulina and she sent me an updated price list. I was going back and forth between either using someone less expensive and for more hours, or using someone for less hours but that is just fantastic quality (like I think her gallery is). I hope someone does get back to us with recent photos!

I'm getting married at Dreams too btw....

let me know if you hear anything!

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Hi Jill-- I just booked Paulina for our wedding day. The way I'm looking at things is yes, you could have someone for more hours and more photos but when all is said and done how many of those photos are you really going to have hanging around your house? I'd rather have fewer but excellent quality photos then a larger quantity. After all, while I love looking at my FI I don't think I want to cover every wall in our home with pictures of us from one single day. Plus, I need to save room for honeymoon pics! Just a thought!

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H&F, thanks! I agree! (I was laughing when I read your response...)

That is exactly what my FI said today, "how many pics do you really need?"....I mean, even if we only chose 100, that is still 100!!! I would probably only put up two in our house and just keep the rest in a photo album....it's so true what you said.

Do you mind me asking how many hours you booked her for? I'm debating whether to do just 2 hours, or 4 hours?.... My FI thinks I only need 2, but I'm not sure....

My brother in low has an expensive camer that he is bringing and can also do touch ups with it, so that can be for later in the night pics after drinks etc.

I'm excited that i did go ahead and ask Paulina for pricing!

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To be honest-- I haven't figured out what package I'm going to go with yet. We've given our WC the deposit for Paulina & have the package information. I was given 3 package options- 5 hours, 7 hours, or 8 hours (the 8 hours also includes a pre-wedding shoot). 5 hours includes 150 pics, 7 hours = 250, and 8 hours = 350. I'm ok with shorter hours but I have a feeling once our parents get involved more hours will be requested.


J&M- I think you may want at least 3 hours. You'll want the ceremony, then family & fun shots during cocktail hour and then some of the reception. Let me know what you decide!

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