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FI wedding gift to ME!


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FI is upstairs finishing my wedding gift...this gift has taken him 10 different nights of working, all lasted about 4-6 hours each! Im so excited to get it girls...im typing on BDW to calm down. Im a lil nervous, I feel like im being proposed to again...lol! I will update you all once I receive it.




Sorry this update took so long, last night I was not able to get back online. My Fiance wrote me three different songs and composed it into a Cd for me. I was crying all last night!

It is awesome, the songs completely describe our relationship but in a extremely talented poetic way...Two of his friends helped, one friend has a recording studio in his basement because he produces tracks for random things. They used everything from the viola to the tamberine. I am so proud of him because his voice sounds so awesome and the lyrics are so special. I really didnt think it was this...he plays guitar at home but does not really sing that much, ever. Yeah! Thanks for being excited for me girls, your the best!

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