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Help me choose my bday and wedding gifts for FI...


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Our wedding is 9/5/08 (which is also our 5 year anniversary). My FI's 35th bday is 9/1/08, which is the day we are traveling to Hawaii.


I really want to do something nice for him on his bday and something for him for a wedding gift and recognize our anniversary.


i am thinking BD book for wedding gift, card for anniversary and kind of lost as to what to do for him for his bday?


some things i have been thinking about are:


* getting another small tattoo with significance to our relationship/him as a surprise


* a watch (he already has 4 nice watches so i am not that excited about this)


* a small wooden box with 35 slips of paper, on each one an exotic place we want to travel together, he can pull one out of the box every year for the next 35 years. i can write a letter to him with this. i like this idea BUT i feel like we may not really do it, we love to travel and sometimes plan last minutes and depending on what deals are out there - like what if we pull "Tuscany" in 2009 but already have plans to go to "Bali" KWIM?


*?? ?? ?? i am so lame i can't think of anything else!


HELP! i really don't want his 35th bday to get lost in the shuffle of travel and our wedding...any ideas?


smile03.gif Alyssa

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what about 35 things to do? not necessarily places, but maybe you talked about skydiving, or taking a road trip cross country, or running a 5k together.

or 35 restaurants to go to, for the next 35 months - places with significance, or places you want to try. even if the place goes out of business, you could go to the replacement place (even if it's been torn down, you could have a picnic at the site). on the first of the month, you can decide which day will be date night, and stick to it.


i kinda like that...i may keep that for this coming november, k's 30th (tho he wants to try $400/pp restaurants in nyc...)

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Does he have a favorite band? You may be able to find cool memorablia (sp?) on ebay. Or a sports team? You can get him a vintage jersey and have it framed. Or an autographed baseball/football. For my hubby I would go with a bday gift that has to do with his likes and he is a football junkie so he would love something like that, something he can't just get at Foot Locker, you know?


Lauren, I love your restaurant idea!

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we went hiking today with our friends and i was thinking more about this - i realized that whatever i do/get him i want to be able to give him on the plane while we are traveling so it can't be very large... keep the ideas comin'!!!!

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