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Mexican Customs & Luggage Allowances

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hi all! did anybody have any trouble at customs when they deplaned in cabo? i have a few things i'm bringing in my suitcases for my wedding guests as a sort of welcome bag from us "the couple", to them as a thank you for coming and i'm slightly worried that they might give me trouble because it looks like i'm carrying a store. blush2.gif


Also, did anybody go over their max allowable luggage pieces, and if so, what are your options? we're flying into cabo using mexicana and i have a feeling i'll at least go over the weight allowance on one of my luggage pieces and i'm trying to figure out if we are allowed to bring more luggage if we pay for it.



kathryn : }

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My welcome bags were 20 beach bags (straw) and everything to go inside of them. My maid of honor, and close friend took them for us and they both had issues coming into Cabo. They were both pulled aside and questioned. Once they explained that the bags were gifts for guests they were let off the hook. I don't know about weight limits on Mexicana, but they're typically 2 pieces of luggage at 50lbs each. I think it is pricey to have additional weight. Can you have friend's or family help with the load?

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we packed all of our stuff in a dell computer monitor box with padding then stuck that inside the suitcase. We had 48 lbs worth of stuff and had no problems using delta airlines. We are on our site visit now at dreams and brought all of the OOT bag goodies with us this time and then in august we wont have so much to bring. We met a bride at the airport and she had a huge golf bag which was packed with stuff, we thought that was a good idea.

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