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Just got in about an hour ago.. tired but I had to come on and see how my ladies are doing! I have 7336 posts to go through.. AH!!!!!!!!!!


Everything went great.. got to see Le Meridien! :):):) It was more beautiful in person. My WC Clara was so sweet and helpful. Took me on a tour of the entire hotel. I also met with Vanessa Jaimes, the florist. She was great.. she had amazing pictures that would give me ideas for how I wanted to decorate. Her work is like no other. I had mentioned BDW to her and she said she's heard a lot about us and a lot of brides send her reviews from here.


I'll post pics as soon as I get them uploaded.




What have I missed? Is Carly & Lizz back with pics?!

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Jenny, welcome back! the pictures looks great! I wish I could hear more about what your thoughts are?


Anyway, I have been trying to reach someone, anyone from Le Meridien, but I have not heard anything back. I have tried filling out the rfp, tried calling leaving messages, I believe to Carla, but I did not get a call back.


Would you mind sharing any information you may have on their wedding packages, options pricings... etc..etc..??


I would really appreciate it!!!



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