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How my hunny proposed...

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I walked up to our house after a long day at work. When I opened the door my jaw dropped. Bo had candles all over the down-stairs, a romantic dinner for 2 set up in the middle of the room, even a "fire burning" on his laptop computer(we don't have a fireplace) He greeted me at the door and was dressed up in a white button down shirt. He cooked and served me a 3 course meal, and we had drumsticks for desert. Although we were in our own home, it felt like we were anywhere but there. It was so comfortable and magical. Our 2 cats and the dog were laying close by(they are like our kids) and everything was perfect. Then....he pulled out the little wooden box. The ring is exactly what I wanted!!!! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful guy!!!! Ahhhhhhh :)

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