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Hi Ladies


does any one have a copy of this "spreadsheet" many are talking about?

also, where can i find the vendor fees?

does any one know if there is a vendor fees for getting flowers from out of the resort?


Im also in search for the centrepeice options. I emailed my coordinator Yazmin about 8 days ago, still have not heard anything, is this happening to anyone else? does anyone have Yazmin


sorry for all the questions!

Hey Samantha

Congrats on getting Married.  I received the spreadsheet everyone was talking about, I received it from my coordinator after I confirmed which package I was using.  We are using the Strawberry Passion package.  Have you asked your coordinator for it?  I can send you a copy of mine but I do not know if it would be the same if you are choosing a different package.

From what I have read vendors fee vary.  $150.00 for makeup/hair and $500-800 for out side photography.  I am not sure about flowers vendor fees though.


I just actually asked for center piece options but I haven't heard back yet (I literally just sent an email to my WC).


I also have the bouquet sheets, the gazebo fee/decoration sheets.  If you would like copies let me know (I do not know how to upload them on this page).





@@Raelynn34 hi!


I did the Strawberry package and had my ceremony at 4pm at the Gazebo. I'd say if you aren't having a cocktail hour then that would be a good time because it will give you some time in between to take pictures before the reception!


We had 35 guests attend, and since it was a small group we didn't want anyone to feel left out and just do a rehearsal dinner for the wedding party. I asked my WC about doing a welcome dinner the night before so that all of the guests could be there. We were able to have it at the Santa Fe Restaurant, however we didn't get confirmation on that until the day we actually arrived in Mexico! If you ask about this I'm sure they will be happy to do the same, otherwise they also told me if that didn't work out they would have sectioned off an area of the buffet for all of our guests and we could have done it there.


As far as decorations, the only thing we brought ourselves were votive candles. Barcelo wanted to charge $7 per candle, and we found a pack of 80 online for $20. The Strawberry package includes all of the ribbons on the chairs! Centerpieces are separate though. We went with one of the less expensive options and then had them set up all of the candles we brought all over the tables.


The Strawberry Package comes with hair and makeup for the bride, so I used that for the night of our welcome dinner and had Styling Trio come in for the wedding day! SO HAPPY I did this because while the hair and makeup wasn't bad at Barcelo, the level of expertise from Styling Trio was just incredible. Everyone looked amazing after their work!


When I went through the process, the lighting was one of the options when we went through our spreadsheet. I understand they use an outside vendor, however our WC was able to show us different photo options. We went with the Chinese Lanterns and the white dance floor and it looked beautiful! We had our reception around the pool at the Palace and it turned out great.


We used Octavio for our Videographer and were pleased with them. We used a family friend from the US as our photographer, who is willing to travel down there should you need! Could be worth looking into. Let me know if you have any other questions or need more info :)


Happy Planning!

Hey Ash,

Thank you so much for replying, sorry it has taken me so long to answer back!!!!

What made you guys choose the reception on the pool instead of on the beach?  I am finding it really hard trying to choose location through pictures, it is hard to picture it in your head.


If they use out side vendors, did you need to pay the vendor direct or did you pay everything to the WC at the hotel? 


I think I will look in doing a dinner similar to you for everyone if there is room, we will have less then 30 people at the dinner because some of our guests are coming from another resort to our wedding.  Your idea sounds really good!!!!


Did you bring everyone welcome bags?


Thank you so much for all of your help.



Hey there


Has anyone used Barcelos new photographer called INLOVE?  How is their work?

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Hi Rae!


We chose to do the reception by the pool for a couple reasons. I liked that it was solid ground so that no one had to worry about taking off their shoes/getting sand in their shoes. Also, I wanted to make sure that just in case there was a little breeze there would be sand blowing all over the place or in people's food!


As far as the vendor fee's, this will all be built in to your total wedding cost. You will meet with your WC a couple days before the wedding and take care of payment at the resort and that's where they will add in those fees alongside whatever else your package costs. (Side note: Stying Trio takes off $150 from your total cost to cover the vendor fee for them)


Welcome Dinner is great to do if you can! And yes, we gave everyone welcome bags when they arrived. They had a plastic tumbler with a straw to refill their drinks, cocoa butter, chapstick with spf, aspirin, and a thank you note/schedule of events for the welcome dinner, ceremony, reception, and then our brunch the following morning.


Let me know if there is anything else I can help with!

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Hey @Raelynn34 Raelynn34


thank you for your response!

yes i asked my coordinator for it, she went on vacation and didnt get back to me for a while. I have the centerpiece options as well if you want me to send it to you


i noticed your looking for pictures of the pool vs beach, im actually taking a trip to Playa del Carmen for New Years i have set up a meeting with my coordinator so i can visit the resort get a visual and some pictures and just clairify a couple things


let me know if you want pictures, we are also doing the strawberry package but opted for Captain Morgans grill, We have 90 people coming so this is one of their larger spaces (from my understanding)


let me know if you need help with anything else :) 

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Hey Samatha,


If you are heading there in the New Year, I would so appreciate some pictures.  Oh my gosh, it would be so nice to see pictures from a fellow Bride who is probably looking for the same/similar things as I rather then the professional ones they provide in the PDF packages. 


I have seen different pictures of the Captain Morgans Grill, some out door, half indoor (open air building) and a beach.  It is really hard to guage what the area actually really looks like. 


If you do not mind I will message you my information.


Thank you so much



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Hey there


Are there any past brodes on here who can give a review on the wedding food?  Was there a certain salad that was amazing or a soup that was to die for?


Thank you



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Hello everyone!

I am in the beginning planning stages and am still picking out resorts. Barceló Maya is one of my top picks because of the beautiful wedding gazebo and nice beaches (a lot of Mexico has a lot of seaweed now). Hoping to get any feedback about this resort but also have some specific questions.


- I emailed the Barceló wedding team 1 month ago to get the basic wedding package info as well as extra costs/locations etc. however haven't heard back. I saw the wedding packages online however it doesn't go into specifics. Does anyone have any tips on how I can get a hold of them?? I assume they have a general email they send out to new brides which I don't know why its taking so long (other resorts seems to have a template with all wedding info that they send right away and you could sift through it).

- If any brides have already received this info from the resort, can you please send it to me by email: jessicacv@outlook.com


- Is there an extra cost to have your reception at the coral restaurant? It looks beautiful.


- Have any brides + their guests stayed at the other 4 resorts (except palace) but gotten married at the Palace? Was hoping to stay at one of the other 4 resorts but get married at the Palace Gazebo and have everyone head to the Palace lobby bar for drinks afterwards but not sure if they charge for this since you're not a guest at the Palace?


- Any suggestions for the best resort to stay at (other than Palace, since its obviously the nicest one).


- For bringing your own decorations, do they charge you to have them set them up?


Thanks in advance for the help! Congrats to all the brides.

P.S. I will share any info I receive from the resort as well to help the other brides :)

Thank you for the thorough review. It was very helpful. And congrats!
If you have any pictures to share that would be great. Pictures of your hair and makeup would be great as well :)

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