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Looking for a BDW member


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Hi ladies, I'm trying to contact Kristen Cowdin.

I don't know what her BDW username is and she has signed up for the mid-summer surprise gift exchange. I need her to go back and log in elfster to add her name (as per rules or she can not participate in exchange).......


If you know who she is please let me know or pm her to contact me.


*****MODS please delete this thread once we figure out who she is, Thank you!******


p.s I have tried emailing her with the email she posted on elfster.com twice now. Once about 2-3 weeks ago and once now but I have yet to receive a response

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Originally Posted by Alyssa View Post
Drea - have you found her yet?
No haven't found her yet

Originally Posted by Morgan View Post
Could it be babycow? She is in tulum right now. I don't know her real name, but COWdin made me think it could be her.
No it's not babycow, that's Erica Becerra.

Originally Posted by T&N View Post
Drea, am I too late to get in on that?
No you are not to late....you can join but make sure you follow the rules or else you get the consequences listed. http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t20625

If I don't find out who Kristen is by the end of the week she will be erased from elfster....oh well her loss :)
Thanks girls for looking for me :)
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