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Cabo.. big group of people? No reservations?

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Ok Have a little question for all you Cabo experts!

We are not staying at an AI so will be going out on the town for all our meals. In our OOT letters I told everyone that if they wanted to join us for dinner to meet poolside every evening at 7pm.

Now I know that not everyone will go with us every night.. plus some people are staying at different resorts, so basically I have no idea what the head count will be every night we go out.

Is this a problem? Are the resturants there unable to hold a ceratin number of people without prior reservations?

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Hi Saraha


Some restaurant here in Cabo, don't require reservations, but since you're talking about a large group of people, it would be best if you do make it; the easiest way to do it is with the concierge, so, I would recommend that, once you have an aproximate number, give the place you want to visit at call and that should be enough.



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I think it might be hard to organize that too Sarah. Are you guys doing excursions? Will these overlap the 7pm dinner time? How many people are going?


We just kinda played it by ear though. Most days our group always ate at our buffet around 6ish. It was kind of an unwritten rule. So meeting up at 7 might work. I'd just choose a restaurant the night before and let your concierge make reservations for you.

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