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January 2009 Brides Post Here

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#111 Davematthews16

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    Posted 27 July 2008 - 11:47 PM

    Originally Posted by KatieK28
    Hey Ladies,

    I'm getting married Jan. 4th and am only having parents, sibs, and a few close friends. The people who are coming we can count on being there. I'm not doing invitations for the actual wedding as we are having a reception in our hometown (Cincinnati) when we get back and I'll have to send invites for that.

    We have place, cater, dress (though it still needs to be altered) linen suit for fiance. I went shopping with my mom today, but no luck.

    Good luck with your planning ;0
    Welcome to the thread :) We are having a small wedding as well (parents, sibs, and a few close friends) I'm sure this thread will continue growing, the closer to January we get! :) Happy Planning to you as well!

    #112 seaprincess

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      Posted 28 July 2008 - 09:59 AM

      Yeah! We ordered my BM dresses on Friday!http://bestdestinati...m/forum/t721-50

      One less thing to do!
      Lindsay and Jamie - January 28, 2009

      #113 Davematthews16

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        Posted 29 July 2008 - 11:48 AM

        Originally Posted by seaprincess
        Yeah! We ordered my BM dresses on Friday!http://bestdestinati...m/forum/t721-50

        One less thing to do!
        Good for you! Those dresses are gorgeous! One more thing to cross off your list! :)

        #114 Amarillis

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          Posted 29 July 2008 - 02:00 PM

          Hey Ladies,

          I realized today that I needed to check in with you guys.

          marraige before leaving: we aren't doing this, we are scheduled to be legally wed in Cuba on January 28th at 2pm

          rings: so... at the time of my last big update, i mentioned that my rings were scheduled to be done... since that time, this has been an ongoing battle, my FI bought my ring at a well known jeweller specializing in Canadian diamonds - anyway - there was no matching wedding band for the ring, but they said they could have one custom made. I told her to send me a quote for mine and a matcher for my FI - she responded with this

          A's ring = 0.50 ct - Canadian Diamonds = $1799 + $40 custom fee + $15 engraving

          FI's ring = 0.00ct - 8mm band - he doesn't want diamonds, but we want his dented to match the pattern on mine = $1599 + $40 custom fee + $15 engraving

          Ok, so my diamonds are workth $200? that doesn't even make sense.

          So... I went to another jeweller in the area (very reputable for thier custom work)

          A's ring = 0.50 ct - Canadian Diamonds = $1650 + engraving is complimentary

          FI's ring = 0.00ct - 8mm band - he doesn't want diamonds, but we want his dented to match the pattern on mine = $699 + engraving is complimentary

          Well this makes sense.... They are going to start the process in early September! YAY!

          Then.... This weekend, my wine club hosted a wine event in my honour! YAY
          I have info on that here:
          Hey Ladies,
          I always forget to check in with the brides by month,

          So... since my last post, I've got a few more things accomplished...

          Wedding shoes - check (I'll take a pic and post later)
          Wedding sandals - check (I'll take a pic and post later)

          BM dresses! These are amazing and I love them - we found them at 'Le Chateau" here in Canada - and my BM's are stoked that they are wearable again, the pics don't do them justice, because they are a teal near the top of the dress and fade to navy-ish blue on the bottom. So cool!

          Click the image to open in full size.

          Click the image to open in full size.

          I also found a great necklace for them to wear with the dress:
          Click the image to open in full size.

          The wedding bands are being custom made and we have secured a date for drop off of my e-ring (because they need to keep it for 3-4 weeks, and I need it for a couple of upcoming events). This is the inspiration for my wedding band:

          Click the image to open in full size.

          So, the bands will be started in early September and should be completed for late October.

          I have also learned of my upcoming wine club (unofficial shower - this weekend) and my official gigantic shower which is being held on the Sunday of Labour Day weekend! YAY! This is all so exciting.

          Our booking with our TA closes next Thursday, the 31st and we already have 66 people confirmed... yikes!

          We still have a lot to get done, - groomsmen clothes, groom clothes, decide on whether or not we are taking artificial flowers - and if so, order them.... BM gifts, GM gifts etc... geeze louise... will this ever end?

          lol... I love it though...

          Ciao ladies....


          #115 Dez921714

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            Posted 29 July 2008 - 02:07 PM

            Wow! Sounds like you're really moving along!!!!!

            My shower is a "surprise" so I don't know when it's happening (but I htink I have an idea...then again, any time I'm told to keep a date free for something, I'm going to think that's when LOL).

            That first jewler you went to is outrageous!!!!!!!
            I thought the price for yours was a little high (but not too too hight), but what they wanted to charge for FI was rediculous. The second jewler sounds sooo much more reasonable!

            Did you post pics from your wine clubs party? :) if not...then do!!!!!!

            We're having work done around the house (Fios installed tom. and a deck built in the back yard thurs adn friday...so I've pretty much taken some time off from wedding stuff...I'll be back up and moving next week LOL)
            http://ticker.7910.o....25vdCBpbiA.gif27 Confirmed with Plane Tickets...5 with rooms booked!

            150 INVITES / 6 YES / 13 NO

            #116 Davematthews16

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              Posted 29 July 2008 - 02:18 PM

              Glad you got your rings all figured out Amarillis! I figured it would be easy to match a band to mine to but it was a lot more challenging than I thought. It's always good to get a couple of quotes when it comes to having your rings custom made, again, so glad you got it all figured out :) So, my dress was supposed to be in mid-August, but I called them to get an exact date and it was already in!! YAY!!! I'm going to go pick it up on my lunch break!! SOOO excited! I think I'm going to have alterations done outside the bridal shop. (There's START at $75.00, and that's for the very minimal) I'm sure I can find a better price, and am hoping I won't need a lot of alterations. I just found out my Bachelorette party/FIs Bachelore party will be on November 1st!!!! I'm excited that my girlfriends have already started coordinating things. They are un-able to attend the wedding, but wanted to give me the ultimate B-party! It will be a blast I'm sure! Let's see, what else?....We ordered a celtic version of Canon in D that came in yesterday. (you can go to youtube and type canon in d celtic wedding mix to listen to it) This version is the most beautiful I've ever heard. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about walking twards my hunny while it plays...I'm just working on lose ends right now, but am very happy with my progress. Will post pics of me and the dress A.S.A.P :)

              #117 Amarillis

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                Posted 29 July 2008 - 02:35 PM

                YAY for dress notification!!!!

                That is awesome!

                As for my wine club party, pics are posted in that same thread above!

                I couldn't believe that freakin jeweller - FI's ring was ridic! You should have heard her voice when she called me to see if we'd made a decision on the rings - and I told her that her pricing for FI's ring was out to lunch! Her comment was - our goldsmith sets the pricing I don't -

                I thanked her for her efforts, but thought - wtf - look at the quote, who wouldn't think that was ridic!

                #118 neen

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                  Posted 29 July 2008 - 02:45 PM

                  I just ordered our invitation proofs and they should be in on Thursday...so excited! Once the full order is in and then get here, I have to assemble them all and I'm actually really jazzed about that.

                  we are getting legally married on our honeymoon in hawaii because we didn't want to wait for months to get the legal docs sent to us from Mexico. Anyone else doing this?

                  #119 kate.com


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                    Posted 29 July 2008 - 02:49 PM

                    Yay! You girls are moving along! I need a little bit of pushing to get my invites out this week... it is so friggin hot that I don't feel like sitting around and putting them together. Maybe once I get going it will get easier.....

                    Hope you are all having a good week~

                    #120 lovely*bride

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                      Posted 29 July 2008 - 02:52 PM

                      Hi, I am getting married Jan. 3rd, 2009. I sent out my invites I think a little early, end of April, mostly because our TA offered an additional discount for those who booked by May. Looking back I think I should have waited. But know that prices have climbed so much I know that many of our guest won't be able to attend, and those that are still attending booked before the high price increase (thank God!). I have ordered my dress but it isn't here yet (I ordered in jan!) My bridemaids are all getting different dresses, but I am buying them so I have to order those soon. I wish it was Dec, that way I could have a good excuse too only be concetrating on the wedding, haha! Good luck to all!

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