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I love this Forum already!


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1. Name - LeAnne


2. Wedding date - undecided.... the date is going to be based on what works into the work schedule of both me (shouldn't be during the first few days of a month, and especially not if it's a "quarter" month) and FH (who can't take time off during the Christmas season) and my best friend (who's a teacher and can only take time off during Christmas holiday, spring break, and summer vacation). We'd prefer to be somewhere warm during a time where it's cold here (Connecticut). And lastly, I want it to be affordable for our guests to come. So, yeah, no date has been chosen until we hash out all these problems. :-)


3. Wedding location - We're thinking Mexico or Dominican Republic. We've been to Dreams Tulum and Sunscape Casa Del Mar and loved them both. I'd like to stay in the Dreams, Sunscape, Secrets family because we've had such good experiences. But, again, I want to keep it affordable so people who really want to go can.


I've already gotten a lot of information and some really great ideas from you guys, so thank you!

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Oh my goodness- I can imagine it's hard to nail down a time frame. I just tried to think of some times and it's hard- especially since spring break is during a quarter month- unless it's in April for your friend. But then it would be the beginning of the month for you.


From the sounds of it, it looks like summer would be best.


Good luck with your planning. The forum is a God send. You will love it!

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