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Another STT Bride


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Good Morning

I'm Kate and I'm another St Thomas wedding. Our wedding is going to be in July of 09 hence the very clever user name. We met when I was working in a bed and breakfast on St Thomas and Chris checked in. He was moving to the island to go to the University. We've been together ever since. His education only lasted one semester, but he got me for life!

We left the island to work on yachts and now we're living in south Florida when we aren't living on a boat. I'm taking a little break from yachting but Chris is working on a lovely yacht which doesn't travel very much so he gets to come home every night.

We haven't exactly decided on a location yet, but we're thinking of Water Island because it's pretty private and secluded. But the place we wanted may or may not be booked. I've still got to get that figured out. The owner of the place is being kind of vague, but if he doesn't want us then I'm sure there are dozens of others who will gladly accept our money.

We're hoping we'll be back living on the island before our wedding so that should make things much easier.

We had wanted to get married in the BVIs on Jost Van Dyke but the logistics of that we're a little too much for me to handle and staying in the USVI will be easier for our guests.

We decided on a destination wedding because our families are spread out all over the place and neither one of us is very attached to the places where we grew up (me southeast Missouri, him northern Illinois).

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and say hi and congratulations to all the other brides (and I assume a few grooms) to be as well as the newlyweds.

Have a fantastic weekend!!!

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