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(Attn:Past Dreams Brides) Dreams Wedding Coordinator vs. Outside Wedding Coordinator

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#1 astevens11

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    Posted 22 May 2008 - 08:39 PM

    Hi Ladies,

    I need your help! I'm trying to decide whether to hire an outside wedding coordinator or go with the Dreams Wedding Coordinator (Yessica). My fianc© and I are planning for 75 guests to attend (TBD). As such, I'm trying to get an understanding of Yessica's responsibilities when planning our wedding. Does Yessica work with outside vendors if Dreams does not provide the details we want (i.e. flowers, cake, music, and photography)?? We were thinking about going with the Dreams Ultimate Wedding Package, but I know this package is only for 20 guests, and only provides 50 some pictures with this package. So, if I did not want the standard cake and photographer that Dreams provides, would Yessica work with outside vendors to get this? Or would I need to hire an outside wedding coordinator to do this??

    I need to figure out whether paying an outside wedding coordinator a $500.00 deposit, plus a coordination fee of $2800.00 is really worth it. Or would Yessica provide everything that I need or at least recommend vendors that could assist me? I'm just not sure what to do. I know planning for 75 guests is a little more on the larger scale, so that is why I was considering hiring an outside wedding coordinator. However, I want someone who will work for me and I don't want to waste $3200.00, when I could have really done a lot of this on my own.

    For those past brides that were married at Dreams, and used an outside wedding coordinator please provide your thoughts. For those that used the Dreams wedding coordinator, please provide your thoughts as well. I need to make a decision by 6/1/08. I appreciate any help/advice.

    Thanks so much!!

    #2 yamille

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      Posted 22 May 2008 - 10:03 PM

      I am not a dreams bride but just wanted to offer a suggestion. Try checking all the dreams posts in the "accomodations" section. Or you could just enter dreams cancun or whichever you are dealing with in the search field. I have read a bunch of dreams posts and it seems like many work with the coordinators on site. I only know this from reading- so maybe someone else will chime in on this but if you are eager try checking that out. There are TONS of dreams brides on here and lots of useful info. At one point I was looking at dreams Tulum which is why I know. Sorry I couldn't answer but just thought I would suggest this-I know how eager we brides can be (me) for an answer! good luck with it.

      #3 ericaandsy

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        Posted 23 May 2008 - 01:07 AM

        HI!! I am a future Dreams Cancun bride. I'm still in the very begining planning stages..but just thought that i would comment. The wedding cordinators seem to take a lot longer to contact me personally!! My travel agent has told me that the Dreams resort now have new policies where they will not allow outside vendors. Instead, you have to chose from their list of vendors for photography,dj,flowers etc. From my experience so far it doesnt seem like they will budge..BUT it is worth trying to ask if you can use certain vendors. I would say NOT to go with an outside wedding coordinator. I just dont know if it will be worth your money. One thing I do know is that no matter how busy the wedding coordinators are at the Dreams resorts they DO go out of their way to make sure that your day is everything that you wanted. If it's taking a while to get replies from them now I have heard that they are a lot better once it gets closer to your actual wedding date. Hope I somewhat helped PM me if you have any questions...I'm i the same boat as you and yes it can be SUPER FRUSTRATING! TAKE CARE :)

        #4 astevens11

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          Posted 23 May 2008 - 01:23 AM

          Ladies thanks so much! As I'm sure your aware this can be a frustrating process. I know how I am, and I like someone who is responsive to my needs. I just need to figure out whether the Dreams wedding coordinator or outside coordinator will suit my needs. I think I may be leaning towards working with the Dreams Coordinator, as I have heard nothing but great things about all of them. I think I can deal with a slow response, as opposed to paying someone $3200. We'll see!! More suggestions/opinions are welcomed. Congrats to the both of you. :-)

          #5 Hartyt509

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            Posted 23 May 2008 - 01:28 AM

            IMO I'd save the cash and use the WC at Dreas. I'm getting married at Dreams Cancun and even thought they have been really slow in getting back to me I've been told they sort everything.

            As for outside vendors the WC did tell me that they weren't allowed anymore - I know it might be disappointing but they won't use crap their reputation is too good and it could save you mega $$ which could easily spend somewhere else.

            I'd save on the outside WC if I was you

            #6 Soon To Be Mrs. Gomez

            Soon To Be Mrs. Gomez
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              Posted 29 May 2008 - 05:34 PM

              I will be a Dreams 2009 bride and I'm using the Dreams package and Vari of Allue Event Design (AED). She is very pleasant and works with all your requests. Yesica of Dreams is also very plesant, but I wanted an outside coordinator because I want to be stress free.

              #7 Taradactyle

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                Posted 29 May 2008 - 11:16 PM

                I am a Dreams Los Cabos bride. I tried to plan the wedding on my own with the help of the Dreams on-site coordinator but I got really frustrated. While the on-site coordinator was very nice, I found that sometimes I didn't get the feeling that she really understood what I was envisioning, especially since I have something very, very specific in mind. Also, I was not real happy with the options that Dreams was offering... I eventually hired Vari of Allure Event Design (she is on the forum) and she really does do event design, not just coordinating. I originally planned on getting the Dreams Ultimate package, but ended up going with one of their lower packages. Also, I agree with the other girls that there are lots of outside coordinators who are affordable!
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                #8 kristendotcom

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                  Posted 03 June 2008 - 08:14 PM

                  I only used Yesica @ Dreams as my WC and she was fantastic! I made last minute changes as well and she was fine with it. Feel free to PM if you have any questions about it.

                  #9 jmill130

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                    Posted 03 June 2008 - 09:58 PM

                    I have been working with Mariana @ Dreams and LOVE her! Again, you know your comfort level and the kind of things you want to make your wedding what you've dreamed about!

                    I recommend reading everyones Cabo's wedding reviews, I spent a few hours reading what worked and didn't work for others. I made a list of vendors I heard good things about. We went with the free package and then added what we wanted. I have learned so much from reading everyone reviews and watching wedding videos. You can see other peoples weddings, this is very helpful. You can also PM others & get more info. I hope this helps. You can PM me and I can tell you more too!
                    There are a lot of Dreams Cabo brides on the forum who are super helpful! Did you go for your site vist yet? We just got back and I feel really calm now... again do what works for you Best of luck!

                    #10 Jackie

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                      Posted 04 June 2008 - 08:42 AM

                      I was just married at Dreams but had Marianna as my Dreams WC, she was the absolute best, I have heard good things about Yessica also.
                      IMO you DO NOT need to use budgeted wedding money for an outside cordinator save that money and put it towards something else.
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