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legal papers needed to get married in the DR

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Hi i was wondering how long before your wedding do you need to get your papers translated and legalized by the dominican consulate?......or for those who've already been married in the dominican how long before leaving did you get yours done?......thankssmile159.gif

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We've been told by our TA


Statatutory declaration that you must not have done more than 3 mths before.


Other documents

Birth Certificate &

the decree absolute (if divorcee) can be any time



... or so I've been told!


It's sooo expensive!

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I contacted the Dominican consulate to find out from them what to do and when to so it. Here are the questions I asked and the answers I got.


1. How soon should we send you are documents to be translated and legalized?

With 3 month in advance


2. How long does it usually take before we would receive them back?

Around 5 or 10 working days


3. Does the birth certificate have to be the long form one or can it be

the card?

Can be small card


4. Do the witnesses only have to take their passports down there with them

and that is it?

Yes, but Usually you must fax to your wedding coordinator your witnesses



I have attached the forms that they sent me. The first one is the requirements and fees. The second is the checklist, and the third is a declaration of single status. There is too much info to type it all out, so I put them as attachments. Make sure that you save them to you computer after opening them.







DRSI wedding requirements & fees.doc


solemn declaration sample.doc

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