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Please help me choose a logo for our Hang Over Kit

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Originally Posted by PaulaV View Post
They are so cool Amy!
I burst out laughing por lo de 'pinche'.
Haha! I hope no one gets offended. I doubt it though. We wanted something funny so my brother suggested La Pinche Cruda since we plan to have a ton of tequila at the wedding!

Its so funny, most of our favors are alcohol related - personalized shot glasses and tequila bottles and a hang over kit!

Originally Posted by Raeka View Post
I voted for 2A. You're so creative Amy, I never would have thought of this
Thanks, but I sort of stole the idea from Edna (read below)blush2.gif

Originally Posted by edna View Post
Amy I liked 3A, all of them are really cute!!! the coupon is really nice, I woud recommend you to change the recipe name to clamato con cerveza , is much better than the Michelada for LA CRUDA!!! Michelada is just beer lime, tabasco or viuda, ice and salt and the Clamato con Cerveza, is Salsa Inglesa, Viuda Sauce or Tabasco, Jugo Maggi, lime, salt, clam/tomato juice and Beer!!!!

JAJAJAJA I really liked the idea of "pinche cruda" JAJAJAJAJAJAJAAJAJA and by the way my containers for my hang over kits are metal tins that arrived yesterday!!!
Thanks Edna! I need to save this! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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