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Is the DR generally cheaper than Mexico?

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When looking at the cost of the resorts, also check on the wedding packages and what they include. I am getting married at the Palladium in DR and there are no extra charges for more than 10 people. The Palladium in RM charges per person after 10 guests, or each guest has to give up an a la carte for the reception. I have heard of this in several RM resorts, but not in DR, but I haven't checked all the resorts either. Just check that stuff out too before booking.

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It does depend on your airport. Because that is what I am going through now. I prefer the D.R. However, we have family coming from California, TX and Louisiana which makes Mexico cheaper. But, for our families in other places the D.R. is cheaper.

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Airfare is definately the biggest factor in the price differences you'll find. It really depends on what is in your area going to each location.


Both areas have several large chain resorts and pretty much all of them offer a good value for what you'll pay. It really depends on what you're looking for for your group.


One thing about DR is that all the resorts are all inclusive and there really is nothing outside the resort areas to explore or spend money on. The resorts offer enough activities/attractions to keep guests busy. Unlike RM that has alot more in the way of tours, dining etc outside the walls of the resorts.

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