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Moon Palace 2008 & 2009 Brides - POST HERE!

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#1481 HaleGrifa

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    Posted 14 January 2009 - 09:31 PM

    Originally Posted by DWandMJ
    Question for any of you ladies who used an alternate aisle runner or are planning to:

    How are you transporting it down with you? Or does the MP have any available?

    My FI and I depart for MP on January 24th. We have made our own aisle runner as well for the Chapel Gazebo. We hope to then transport the runner to the reception and use for our entrance or on the cake table.

    We hope to bring ours on our flight as it is on a roll and would be the mosrt preferred option. Our TA is looking into if this is allowed and there will be other items on board with us i.e. wedding dresses & suit

    If this is not allowed we will have to fold it and pack it - which we really don't want to do. It would get wrinkled and then we would have to trust the resort staff to iron it!!!

    I am so glad that you asked this question.

    Please keep me posted!


    #1482 AshHol

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      Posted 14 January 2009 - 09:51 PM

      Does anybody know if the salon do acrylic/false nails as I am asuming they do these and not just standard manicures. Also does anyone know the cost? I would really rather get them done once I arrive so I don't break them carrying suitcases etc as I'm sure I'd manage it somehow if I had them done at home!!!

      #1483 Camie78

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        Posted 15 January 2009 - 01:11 AM

        Originally Posted by blaired
        Camie- Thanks! My sister-in law talked to our WC in Miami and seemed to have worked out some details and hopefully we'll have a revised contract sometime this week! I'm excited to get married, but we are having a short engagement, so planning is in super overdrive which makes me kinda panic!

        Can you send me those documents too? I post on here, and on the newbie form, but it takes me forever to accrue points, then I use them and they are gone My email is blaired at gmail dot com ! Thanks! Also I see you are in Dallas! We are in Denton! If you have any general MP questions I have a lot of pics of the resort/general info from over the years and can help out!
        Just sent you the documents, hope they provide some value. I am definitely interested in your review of the resort and any pictures you have. My email is scherfcamie@hotmail.com

        Thanks in advance!!

        #1484 Camie78

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          Posted 15 January 2009 - 01:17 AM

          Originally Posted by kennynicole
          Thank you to all that have posted why you chose MP. It was hard to decide between all the palace resorts. After reading your reasons why you booked MP I think it too will be a good fit for us! I have sent in my wedding date reservation for Nov. 28th 2009. So…..how long did it take for you to find out if you got your date and time? It says 24-48 hrs but from what I am hearing they are not all that great about completing things in a timely manner. After we have our date and time confirmed what should I do or expect to happen next?

          Great news that you have chosen MP - let the planning begin! We waited 6 weeks (yes, I'm not kidding) to get our date and time reserved. Again, I have no idea why it took this long and I believe it has something to do with the travel agent that we used as they worked out the contract with MP and I did not work with MP directly on the contract. I also think it took so long because we booked more than a year in advance and they did not have their rates ready for the following year, etc. I don't mean to scare you, I just think I have bad luck.

          As stated in other posts, you will be assigned a contact in Miami. Ours is Yudelka and she is FANTASTIC. Always responds within 24 hours and is more than willing to help. After that you get assigned a WC onsite to work through the details.

          Good luck!

          #1485 Camie78

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            Posted 15 January 2009 - 01:23 AM

            Originally Posted by kennynicole
            Well I got word back from MP. They have the date I want but not the time. I have sent them another e-mail asking for the time I would like on diff. days. I am thinking about just calling them but don’t want to be too pushy this early in the game.
            Ok here are my questions for the day:

            1. To veil or not to veil? I have a veil that I bought b4 I knew I would be getting married in Mexico with blowing winds. Are you ladies doing veils? It seems like they look great in some videos and pictures and in others the brides are doing all they can to keep them out of their faces. I have found someone that does beautiful bird cages vales. I was thinking about doing one of them but I am still on the fence.

            2. Have you seen the beach at MP b4? I have read some reviews on tripadvisor and it seems that it is not the best. Are you concerned about this?

            3. Bug bites…I have also read some reviews from people that have gotten really really bad bug bites. They are not sure if it’s sand flees or bed bugs but have all said it was painful. We have a lot of older people attending the wedding and I am now concerned for them. I can take a few days of itching but I would feel bad for my guest. Do you know anything about this or have experience with it?

            4. Photogs….if you have been married at MP and just used their photography package were you happy with it? I am really trying to keep the cost down and this would be nice if I didn’t need to bring someone in from outside.

            5. What package are you doing? If you are doing the free package what do you plan on adding if anything?

            Thank you sooooo much for reading this and sharing your knowledge and thoughts! You gals are great!!!
            1. I'm not wearing a veil. I guess I'm just not into them plus my dress ended up being way more dressy than I had hoped for so I feel the veil would just add to that. I was just at a wedding in Cancun (RIU Cancun) this past weekend and the bride did not wear one - she's got curly hair and put it up and put flowers in it and it looked very nice.

            3. Bed bugs?!?!?!? Crap.

            #1486 Camie78

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              Posted 15 January 2009 - 01:29 AM

              Originally Posted by SunnyBride
              Thank you guys for posting about what to tell my guests - it is definitely helpful to know that the restaurants don't take reservations, and where to get the entertainment schedules, etc. We are also getting the 'Promotion' package where you get the two free tours included as a part of your week. Does anyone know if the tours fill up quickly, or if it's possible to reserve a spot in advance? We had wanted to do the Tulum tour with the snorkeling in the afternoon as a group activity. I talked to the resort to see if I could reserve a block of seats and they said that everyone has to be at the hotel before we can book. I don't want to suggest it as a group activity and then have people get turned away if the tours fill up quickly...does anyone know how that works?

              Thank you so much for your help!
              I thought I had read somewhere, possibly on this forum that you could book tours in advance by emailing the tour company (email address is on the website, elitetours or something). Not sure if that is true but I remember reading it somewhere...

              #1487 Camie78

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                Posted 15 January 2009 - 01:53 AM

                I know... I'm completely out of control with my posts today but I just returned from a wedding at the RIU Cancun. Like a good bride-to-be I posted my review of the resort and pictures under the RIU Cancun thread but I wanted to share a couple things I learned.

                First, the MP thread rocks. The RIU Cancun thread is very small and it doesn't seem like they have a lot of participation. So props to everyone for making this forum so great!

                The RIU Cancun was in the hotel zone (right by downtown Cancun) so one thing that I was not a fan of is that it was hotel next to hotel next to hotel, etc. ALSO, during the ceremony a plane was flying along the beach with a banner that read "SENOR FROGS, BACHELORETTE PARTIES DRINK FREE" during the ceremony. I hope that this type of advertising is a hotel zone thing and MP does not have this - anyone know?

                The resort was super small and the hotel was at 110% occupancy (yes, overbooked) so people were fighting for lounge chairs, etc. People literally were down at the beach reserving chairs beginning at 6am. Also the resort only had two restaurants so I'm happy that there are lots of choices at MP.

                The one thing about this time of year is that the sunsets super early. At this particular resort, the sun set behind the resort so the pool and beach were completely shaded by 3pm. By 530pm the sun has almost fully set and by 6pm its pitch black and the lights around the resort come on. I was shocked at this at first but then I remembered that a friend and I went to Barcelo Tropical and Colonial in Riviera Maya a couple years ago during the same week (Jan 7 -Jan 12) and remembered that the sun set there early as well.

                I didn't see a single bug while I was there; this could just be because of the time of year or the location of the hotel but no bugs or bed bugs for that matter. YIKES!

                Finally the temp was in the low 80's and living in Texas I thought I'd be wearing a "North Face" jacket and long johns but that was not the case. It was actually hot when the sun was out without any clouds and we had to jump in the pool or get a frozen fruity drink to cool down.

                Oh and I would not recommend the RIU Cancun for vacation or otherwise, however, I would recommend the RIU chain as I have good exp with that chain overall. Barcelo Tropical and Colonial is a resort and chain that I would recommend. Just wanted to pass that information along as well.

                Anyway, just wanted to share this with everyone.

                #1488 Camie78

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                  Posted 15 January 2009 - 08:35 PM

                  One additional thing that I wanted to share is that we booked our vacation to RIU Cancun through AA.com who uses Olympus Tours/Gogo Worldwide as their tour company (to hook up the transfers between resort and hotel) and this tour company was FANTASTIC. I've never had such great service from a tour company as I did with them -to the hotel, at the hotel, and to the airport.

                  I know that AA.com is one of the few airline vacation companies that offers Moon Palace as a hotel option so I assume they'd use Olympus Tours as they are associated with American Airlines. So, anyone who has any woes about transfers and about booking online, specifically through AA.com, rest assured that they will take good care of you and/or your guests.

                  #1489 johnson_jc

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                    Posted 16 January 2009 - 02:25 PM

                    I added professional pictures to my review, but figured I would go ahead and paste the link here as well.

                    Picasa Web Albums - Joni - Album Pictures

                    Hopefully I will get around to adding some of the non-professional pictures from around the resort soon!

                    #1490 Cindy&London

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                      Posted 16 January 2009 - 03:25 PM

                      Hello MP Brides!!

                      I hope everyone had an amazing New Year :)

                      I just wanted to let everyone know that I have been e-mailing Maribel and she has been responding quite quickly!! I'm very impressed.

                      Anyways, I recieved some information from her the other day on Events, Dining, Music.. etc. Also, I recieved a form for anyone that is planning on having a private reception. I have attached the Event Form to this post, but unfortunately the Info Document is too big to attach so if you want to msg me with your e-mail address I can send you that attachment.

                      I have a few questions for you as well:

                      1. Who here did a private function? Did you have it indoors or outdoors? I would love to have a private function outdoors with just the IPOD/speakers. I really just want to do the First Dance and dances with my Dad's. Was there anyone that didn't do the private function, but still had the dances? I'm basically just doing the private function so we don't miss out on that. Help? Any moneysavers is a BONUS :)

                      2. Who here had a 6pm wedding?? This is the time we are having the ceremony. I just want to know how the flow went.. between ceremony.. pictures.. dinner.. dancing?? What did you do after the function was over?? Did you go out to a club??

                      Any info would be greatly apprieciated :)

                      Thank you!



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