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Moon Palace 2008 & 2009 Brides - POST HERE!

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Originally Posted by absolutpink24 View Post
Thank you. Trust me, the Miami office won't disappoint. Neither will Mexico. I work better at freelance wedding planning because the outcome is handled by me and not dependent on someone else sending me info. Not having the information to answer questions and having to wait to hear from the Mexico office irritated me. Carolina is more then aware of the issues that need tweaking. They are going to be adding to their staff in Miami hopfully to lighten the work load on the coordinators.

Miami is just the stepping stone. Mexico finalizes every detail and they do it well.

If you guys have any wedding questions I'll be happy to help.
Dear Elizabeth,

I am sorry things didn't work out with the Palace...but I am glad to hear you are going to go to a place where you will be happier.You helped me a lot with my own wedding planning and the delays that took place were understood given that the WC's are in Mexico. Truth be told one of the reasons I went with Moon Palace was because they had an office in FL and was able to obtain information maybe not right away but at least within two weeks...a lot shorter time than the time it took me to hear back from many other resorts. I hope you don't feel personally attacked by complaints about delay on this forum...almost every resort has delays given that the wedding is to take place in a foreign country. I never complained about you to your manager etc I understand that it was difficult for you to answer questions given that you have to wait to get a response for a long time and then it wrongfully appears as though you are the person responsible for the delay. I too have that problem at my current job and therefore am looking for a new one. I support your decision fully and understand why you departed.

Thank you for offering to answer our questions!!!!

Best Wishes,

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Hi Girls...


I am in need of some major help...haha. I am JUST starting out our wedding planning and feel pretty overwhelmed. First off, I have been looking around for a place in May or June 2010, finally decided on Moon Palace...but then my fiance's sister was over last night and said that $1400 per person is A LOT for a weeks stay (even though everything is included). Is this the price that most of your guests are paying? I don't want to pick someplace where people are going to feel is super expensive, etc. Also, are the airport transfers included in the price? Because when I just priced it on Expedia, it said they were not included, and I thought they were.


So, with $1400 PLUS airfare, and sister saying no one is going to want to pay that...I am now worrying that I will have to pick another resort. Are there any other resorts that anyone knows about that are equally as nice but maybe around $1000 for a week per person?


My next question is...when to send out the announcement that we are having a destination wedding? I would like to send this out ASAP, but with the rate we are going for picking out a place I will most likely need to send this out before we pick the final resort. So, if this is the case, what do I tell the guests that the price should be for a weeks stay? We will also have to send it out before flights become available for May/June 2010...so how do we explain to guests that we do not know the price of airfare? Should we say to budget at least $500 per person for air? But this price is just from Philadelphia...so I guess I would need to pick a few major departing cities that guests will fly out of to list a round-about price?


Does anyone maybe have letter they sent to their guests that I can take a look at? That would be such a tremendous help!!!


Are there group rates available for the guests and do they cut costs down a lot? Also, how do you say to the guests in the announcement letter that group rates are available if people book the same # of nights, without sounding rude?


One more ?...acutally, I am sure this won't be the last (lol)...but, how does everyone feel about an announcement email? We were going to sign up for an account at ewedding.com, and they have an rsvp/invitation section...so, we were going to maybe send out the announcement there and have people rsvp by a certain date. Then once we have people's responses, we will send out an actual invitation to those who responded with a 'yes'...and that invitation could have the final details of pricing, etc. Does that sound ok?


Thanks so much everyone for all your help in advance...I am sorry I am totally clueless!!!

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Hey Emaya,


I am getting married Feb 2010 and we are sending our first round of announcements out ASAP (likely by the end of the month). That gives our guests about a year and a half.


We are asking everyone to get us their email addresses and we'll send email updates every once in a while between sending our STDs and our regular invites. This will be to alert folks of things like airfare being published, tours being offered, ect... much like a wedding newsletter.


Our regular invites will go out around the beginning of December 2009 (so about 2.5 months prior to the wedding) but will likely only serve as an "announcement" as I am guessing (hoping) most of our guests will be booked and ready by then.


As for the airfare, you can explain to them (if they don't already know) that airfare is not published until like 330 days prior. Expedia does have a cool tool that can give you historical prices to help you out... To find it, go to Expedia.com and then click on the FLIGHTS tab at the top. In the middle column, about in the middle of the page, you'll see a "find the best time to go." Click on that and fill in the information.


As for the 1400 dollar sticker price... I am going to be compiling information for my FI's family -- a cost comparison chart of sorts... so they can see what an average vacation to Cancun does cost so they can make the decision on what to do. I firmly believe MP is an excellent value and after all the research I did in picking a resort, I want to save them the hassle and give them a hassle free vacation. :)


Good luck!

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Hi emaya


I am also a 2010 bride...we are getting married in the may.


We sent out message in a bottle mini invites in march...we have been engaged for a while now, so sent them out to suprise everyone! We got them from hansonellis.com...they are brilliant and an going to have to order more next year when we are booking...can't wait! cheesy.gif


There is a block booking rate which you can find on the palace resorts website..its really good, we won't be able to take advantage of it though, would be too much hassle for us to book accommo and flights seperately from the uk, but i'm hoping our TA will give us a good discount for it being a block booking...we'll need to wait and see how many people end up coming!


We have told guests the price of MP, it is expensive, and that has been most of our guests reaction..especially the ones with young families, but I 100% think MP is justified for many reasons ie, excursions are included, accommo is HUGE, accommo is luxurious, branded booze is sold..and from our point of view, the wedding packages available are fab...i mean, a horse and carriage? can't beat it!!


Look forward to going through the next year and a half with you....its soo exciting now more 2010 brides are popping up on here! wooo hoooo

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we are also flying from phila, thats where i live. Airfair is 550.00 now! we had a little under a year when we booked and it was really hard for our travel agent to get a price for a year out, we gave everyone a package of 3, 4or 5 nights. everyone comes in the same day but leaves different days

FYI!!!!! you will hear sooo much about the price!!! u have to get over that.

My own brothers are not coming!! We know we cant make everyone happy and we have been saying for years that we would be going away to get married. Good Luck!


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yes! no matter how much or little it costs, there will be people telling you how expensive it is. Some of our best friends aren't coming, and we were upset about it at first, but don't worry about it, you can drive yourself crazy trying to please everyone!!!!

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hey girls!

i am planning on may 2010 and am very confused! I have pretty much the same questions as emaya, and cannot find answers!! how am I supposed to book the group thing close to a year ahead without knowing how many people are coming, and also i live in bc, so booking through the hotel...they dont have any canadian airlines to do the whole package through, so how do i book the wedding without the flight details....what if i book the day and then cant get a flight for the right day?? the very beginning of this planning is very confusing and hectic! oh ya and what do we do for a reception...i notice there arent any reception thing other than the hour long cocktail party?! that doesnt seem long enough, my gfs wedding reception lasted like 6 hours of drinking and partying!!

any answers / help would be so much appreciated!

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