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nice :) i just helped a passenger who's name was (no shit) jose cuervo. sweet. i guess it's probably pretty common, but i thought it was cool!


doug wanted me to get him to sign his boarding pass, haha wink.gif

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We have some crazy ass named customers too. I'm going to have to ask Steve to remind me of a few of them. One I know for sure is Suk Dong. I think that's the way it's spelled. Steve has to announce the name for his slot tournaments and it's hysterical.

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we always trick each other at work and try to get other agents to page Ben Dover, Anita Piesas, all of those 3rd grade names. if you put the name in for like needing a wheelchair, it comes up on this list for people who need early boarding, and the agent will page Ben Dover or whoever, it is so much fun wink.gif


there is this one older guy, we always get him, he never understands it's a joke and he keeps paging and paging :) so evil wink.gif muahahaha

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