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2 big exams tomorrow


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I've got 2 massive law exams tomorrow and i'm quite frankly shitting myself lol I'm trying to study (yes i know i'm on here I needed a break lol) and I can't remember anything lol my brain has turned into a sponge!!!girl_werewolf.gif

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Good Luck! BDW forum was my escape when studying for my big one the other week.


Some tips that may help:

* Get a good night's sleep

* Breathe and relax

* Do a brian dump of info on scrap paper as soon as you sit to write (if possible)

* Do the ones you know first, mark the ones you don't to go back to later (another question may trigger an idea to the one you marked)

* read the question twice to make sure you know whats being asked.


You are going to do fabulous!

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