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Need help w/ FI's wedding band

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My FI finally decided on a wedding band, but the problem is it costs $3000.00. I found it for around $1700.00 on bluenile, but it doesn't look exactly the same, any ideas? It is has taken him forever to decide on a band and I hate to make him change his mind, but his ring will cost more than my 2 diamond wedding bands!!

He has chosen a platinum, hammered, milgran ring, similar to this

Platinum Wedding Band (6mm) by Novell at Shane Co


Does anyone know where I could find this ring any cheaper? Any suggestions, should I suck it up and pay the $3000.00?


Thank you,


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wow omg. ok, we live in seattle, wher the shane co is from, we actually got my e-ring there. my entire white gold band, including my 3/4 carat F vsi diamond was only $2,200. so i think it's insane to pay $3K for a mens plain platinum band, esp when it has no diamonds, and also because the sales lady that helped us at shane co is the one who actually talked us out of $$$ platinum down to $ WG, for the fact that altho is is becoming more popular, that is the only reason for the higher price. it scratches way easier than WG, and is not as strong.


thay being said, for doug we are getting a titanium ring, way less $, and they have some that look almost identical to the milgrain edged platinum one you linked.


but, if he is set on platinum, and you have that kind of money, then by all means! if not, i'm sure you can find something comparable at a much lower price, just talk him into WG or titanium.

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white gold all the way, You will save soo much! You can get it custom made for sure if you bring the picture in to a jeweler. My FI is getting a 10 K gold ring and apparently as time goes this metal will look great. I was worried at first b/c it's a low karat but the jeweler recommended this over platinum! It's way cheaper!

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Originally Posted by PenMarie View Post
I've been looking at this same design, but didn't even want to pay the $1,700 that Blue Nile has it for, although I DO like the one Blue Nile has.

You can try finding the hammered w/milgrain in palladium, which is a lot cheaper than platinum.

Hammered Milgrain Palladium Wedding Band

I saw the palladium ring, maybe I can convince him to go that route! I think he wants platinum because my e-ring and wedding bands are platinum.

Thank you for the suggestions I will keep looking. I think it is a ridiculous amount of money considering there aren't any diamonds.
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White Gold ArtCarved WOODBRIDGE Hammered 6mm Milgrain Wedding Ring - Jewelry & Watches - BizRate - Compare prices & buy - Discount - Price


You can get a VERY similar ring here for $645 in white gold. I couldn't justify spending thousands more for platinum.


I meant to add:

we got my hubby's ring here: black wedding rings

The site was confusing to order from, but we got it super quick and he LOVES it. It took forever to pick out his ring. He was so so picky. He wanted something unique so just in case your man wanted an unique ring, this was some of the most unique we found.

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