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What we've got goin' on so far

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OK Jen, you asked for it, you get the ENTIRE story! monkey.gif


I guess I'll start here: For months Mike and I were discussing a DW in the Caribbean, St. John, USVI to be exact. Long story short, we have now decided against that, for a bunch of reasons. One of them being budget. For the past 4-5 months or so we have been planning on paying for our wedding entirely ourselves. My sister got married in October and had a beautiful (and expensive) wedding- that my parents mostly paid for. My dad's business is not doing well so my parents don't have the cash flow that they were counting on to help. So, they would not be able to help pay for our wedding. We were fine with this. I was a little disappointed because I'm one of "those" girls who's been planning my wedding my whole life and my parents have always said they would give me whatever I want.


I have been very emotional about all of this because I couldn't seem to figure out what would work for us. I had dinner with my mom on Thursday (my dad conveniently decided he had something else to do) and she tells me that she has "emergency" money available to us for our wedding. I refused it and refused it, but she insisted and insisted so.... Bottom line is my parents want to give us a huge chunk of $$ toward the wedding and how could we ever thing that they wouldn't?? Mike is not happy with this because he is so practical and thinking about my parents' livelihood and my dad's business but they won't listen. I'm stuck in the middle because I want "my wedding" but I agree with Mike's rationality. If you know my parents though, they win. As Mike says, he has to put on his big boy pants and get over it, and accept my parent's gift. (ETA: I still don't have a job so $$ for the wedding will ease some stresses a bit.)


At this point we have June 27th, 2009 held at the Harbor View Hotel in Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard on Cape Cod. We are going to visit (hopefully) next weekend. Here's a link:

Harbor View Hotel & Resort Edgartown Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod


I'm hoping to DIY my STD's and get them out before the end of the summer since it will be critical to book lodging way in advance. The Harbor View is not exactly affordable so we'll have to block rooms at other nearby inns. I have a feeling this will get tricky.


Luckily I booked Robin DePaula months ago and she is free that weekend so there's one "check" off my list. I'm going to have to go look at dresses soon and I am totally not looking forward to that, but I've gotta do it, right?


Our wedding party will be small- my 2 sisters as my maid and matron of honor, and Mike's best friend will be his best man. Mike's nephew will be the ring bearer and maybe his niece (she'll be 2) as the flower girl, but we're not sure.


I've got tons of ideas collected to I'm sure I'll be looking for opinions over the next few months.


Is this enough for now, NYJenhuh.gif?



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kate, i'm sad you won't get to have your DW, but it does sound like you will have a lovely wedding, and i'm sure it will be a big help for a future cape bride who needs info! i'm excited to see all that you come up with, we've been waiting so long! wink.gif

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