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I actually need help with 2 things.


First, I want to say something like "Our greatest gift would be your company in St. Thomas"...but that is really stupid sounding...I just want people to know we dont care about gifts, just them being there for the wedding...any suggestions?? I know I saw something on the forum at some point that was awesome, but I cant find it.


Second, we are sending Pre-RSVPs with our STDs and I need 3 options...one with a YES, Maybe, NO....but creative..I see lots of options for the Yes and NO but not much for something like "save a beach chair, unsure yet"..or something like that but more cleaver.


Thanks all!!

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In our STD we put "We appreciate gifts but really want you to know that just your presence in Cancun for our wedding IS the present itself!!"


And on our announcement/AHR invite we're going to put "*Celebrating with us is the greatest gift you could give! *"

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Here is some wording I have collected in my searches for STD's. I hope some of these help or at least get your creative juices flowing:


"On board" Adults___ Children___


OR Passengers


___ "will be there to celebrate"

___"will be toasting from afar".


___Yes, have a Margarita ready!

__No, I sunburn easily!


____ We'll see you on the beach!



Please Sea if you can respond...


____ You beach ya we'll be there!


____ Sorry, must wave your invitation.


___ ¡Sí! Have a margarita waiting.


Yes, you beach ya we'll be there!


No, we're all tide up and we must wave your invitation!


__ Yes, we have our swimsuits and dancing shoes packed!

___ No, can't make the trip but wishing you well

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