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My friend is getting married in the Mayan in Dec. Theyâ€re doing the legal wedding here first.


They were planning on going to the Gran Bahia Akumal. However, both she and her TA have had trouble getting responses from the WC there, so they are thinking of picking another resort.


What they want is an all ages, 4.5/5 star in the Bahia price range, with a reasonably priced package for their "vow renewal" wedding, and most important - a WC that will return their calls/emails and confirm a date with them!! She`s actually a very laid back bride, so she`s not unreasonable or ultra fussy!


Her TA suggested a RIU for the free wedding package, but when I look at the RIU site (She is busy with other things right now, so I am trying to help with research) they don't look free to mehuh.gif Plus the RIUs appear to be quite a bit more expensive? Thatâ€s all the TA suggested. She`s getting anxious to pick and book. Her TA is her cousin so she wonâ€t be changing TAs... KWIM?


Did anyone get married at a Gran Bahia in the Mayan? Do they all use the same WC? What was your experience? It seems a nice resort, so itâ€s a shame sheâ€s having no luck.


I suggested maybe the Palladium since I know thatâ€s a popular one, but I didnâ€t get married there, so what do I know. There are lots of great resorts, but of course for a DW there's more to it than that.


Can anyone recommend their Mayan resort as having a good WC and wedding package choices?



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