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Are you wearing a Garter

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you know what? i was totally thinking i would, and looking around at some, and when i told doug he needs to pick a song for the DJ to play during this and the toss, he was like "we have to do that? i dont want to!" and so we decided to not have a garter or bouquet toss. i think it's something that is sort of "expected" at weddings, but i dont think anyone will miss it if we don't do it.


so, in other words, i'm saving $ by not buying a garter or bouquet! yay!

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I am going to wear a garter, but not going to toss it out. I just find it degrading...don't like it.


I am going to toss a bouquet out, but to all ladies. Going to try and make a new tradition, since I only have 2 single friends going, don't want to have them stand all alone.

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