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Desperate Housewives

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Originally Posted by Christine View Post
they didn't show it, but this is my idea-this just came to me. That lady Ida is going to die, but the cat is going to show up and Mrs. McClusky is going to keep Toby the cat for her dear friend Ida.
Awww that would be very sweet.

This sucks we have to wait more than a year for a new episode.

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Desparate Housewives Spoiler:




Katherine gets her hands on the note her aunt left before she died.


Carlos is paralyzed, but he doesnâ€t tell Gabrielle, who thinks his legs are merely broken.


A memorial service at a church is packed with mourners. Gabrielle sits in the front pew, dressed in black. Overcome with emotion, she flees the church.


As the neighbors look on, firefighters rescue people from Mrs. McCluskey's destroyed house. Ida Greenberg was killed but the Scavos are fine.


Adam and Katherine ID Sylvia's body at the morgue, as the dead woman had the couple's address in her pocket without any other ID. Adam claims he knew the woman from outside Fairview and assumed Sylvia was stopping by to say hello. Katherine's affected by this but tries to avoid saying anything in front of the medical examiner.


Mike's at a rehab center. He meets a woman who's there for the third time. He's not interested in attending the group session and the woman realizes he's not ready for it.


Bree wants a contractor to do some emergency repairs on her home. She invites him over for dinner in hopes of buttering him up. (The dinner's at Susan's, thanks to the house damage.) Knowing he's gay and recently single, she makes sure Andrew is present. Complications arise when Susan has her own gay guy she'd like Andrew to be with!


Lynette and Mrs. McCluskey help Ida Greenberg's nephew load his aunt's possessions into his van.. One of the women is upset to learn the man doesn't plan to spread the ashes at a stadium as his aunt wanted. She offers to retrieve the ashes from the woman's house for the nephew. (Note: the nephew may actually be a niece.) Lynette and Mrs. McCluskey must break into the stadium to spread the ashes, where they're caught by police. One of the women shakes the ashes out as she runs.


Either Gabrielle or Edie attends the wake of Carlos' CPA, who'd arranged the move of his offshore account. (He died, off-screen, from tornado related injuries too) The woman feigns grief when she meets the man's wife for the first time, but what she wants to know is where his files are. After learning they're nearby, she makes a quick exit.


Various spoilers:


Look for Katherine's ex-husband to pop up once the strike's over. The show was casting for the character when the strike ended, and Ray Liotta was being considered for the role.


Someone sues for custody of baby Benjamin Hodge.




Now - my own prediction's are that:


1. Gabriella will be the sole heir to Victor's estate (she was still his wife) and she will inherit all his money. So the loss of Carlos' offshore account won't be a big deal. I also bet she learns this at the funeral and when she runs out (supposedly sobbing) it's really because she's so overcome with happiness.


2. I think Catherine's secret is that her real daughter was killed and the girl who is living with her now (and apparently has no memory of Wisteria Lane and it's occupants) was adopted and given the name Dylan so no one would realize she's missing.

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wow Jen, how did you have all of that? You know I never thought of that with Dylan, but that makes a lot of sense.

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I heard the talks broke down on the strike, so it looks like we are looking at next fall for our Desperate Housewives fix

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