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FYI: Online Swimwear Co. - separates by Bra Size!!!! :)


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OMG girls - I am in heaven - I just ordered a couple bathing suits from Lion's Lair




I found them in Fitness Magazine - the owner Kim was really nice - i gave her my measurements and she was able to size my tops and bottoms for each suit / brand (different for each one) and give me free shipping.


I always have such a hard time with bikinis b/c i am a different size on the top than i am on the bottom.


anyway - click on the "FREYA" link, i got the "Coco Loco" and the "Black Russian" (Shelley -this one has a Swarovski crystal starfish on it - i thought of you LOL) and I am waiting to see about the "Sea Breeze" b/c it is on backorder.


this just made my day so i wanted to share! smile29.gif

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Cheers - I have real probs getting tops to fit. As my aunt said the other day in a really loud voice in a crowded shop "its those boobs that do it!!" I nearly throttled her lol and when she said well I could have said tits I nearly fainted lmao

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