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specific contact question RE:House of Brides?

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I ordered an immediate delivery dress from their site last week. I got an e-mail within 24 hours saying my order had been processed but did not have a shipping time.


They give a 630 phone # to check the status of an order but everytime I call it goes to their "e-commerce department" and tells me to call the 630 # that I just called if I want to check the status of an order. Getting through to a CS agent seems impossible.


Anyone had a similar experience? I'm getting worried since I need the top that I ordered so my seamstress can see the fabric and make a skirt for it.

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Here's the answer for anyone else who orders from HOB:


I don't know why but the 630# is useless. Call the 1-800 listed on the site and wait for a CS rep. They'll check the status of your order. Then hope you get a person who actually wants to help you.


After a few calls I got the right person. Unfortunately my dress will either arrive or ship from their location on June 6 (she wasn't sure which), about 1 week after they claim but I should have just enough time to get it to my seamstress so she can find fabric to match the lace.

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