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DC metro area Newbie Wedding at Lake Las Vegas Resort in Henderson, NV


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Hello all.


We were officially engaged April 6, 2008 though we moved in this time last year to start saving money. I'm 37 and he is 32 and this is a first marriage for both of us. I started seriously planning in February of this year and as I am not the biggest fan of traditional weddings if there was anything that I could do to buck the norm I plan to do it. I live in the DC metro area and are planning to marry in September at the Chapel Fiorenza at Lake Las Vegas Resort in Henderson, NV about 17 miles from the Las Vegas strip. We are having a reception on a yacht on the lake. Total budget including our wedding bands and a 6 day honeymoon in Hawaii is $24000. It may be $20000 if I decide not to rent out a private room at JayZ's 40/40 club as an after party.


Weddings at Lake Las Vegas




My original plan was a silver Spring 2008 evening gown from Tadashi but once it arrived I didn't like it on me. Pic of original silver dress is attached.



But I did like the second dress that ordered to wear to other events and decided to make that the wedding dress instead so I bought two and I am having a local seamstress use material from the second one to make it a full length gown....maybe even making the bottom detachable so I can wear it in the original cocktail dress length.


Veil is trimmed in black lace


Manolo wedding shoes are pink satin with black feathers


Pic of a prior draft of my invite is attached (it has been slightly updated to a gatefold design and I am no longer adding feathers to the box) and a pick of the original silver



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