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Trashing the Dress - answers please

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Ladies - I have spent the last few months looking at the TTD sessions on this forum. Everythings looks lovely but I dont understand what the significance is? Does anyone out there know the history or the meaning...or is this just a fun fad?

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It's basically a fun fad. John Michael Cooper (altf.com the photography of john michael cooper) is credited with being the grandfather of TTD. It was basically just a different photography technique.


If nothing else, it's sooooo fun! And, if you're just rolling around on the beach, the dress doesn't really get trashed. Mine was clean. I just rinsed it in the hotel tub.

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To me a TTD is just another photo shoot, but its different in the sense that we have more latitude as to where we can go and shoot. I don't call them trash the dress sessions, rather "day after sessions" because Im not trashing anything, well at least nothing a good dry cleaning will not take care of.


When I think of TTD or Day after sessions I think of a dirty alley, bull ring, or sitting on some beautiful 150 year old stone steps. On a wedding day almost all of my brides want to keep the dress as clean as possible (of course) , so the day after sessions provide a photo op where we can go out, shoot and not have to worry about keeping clean.


~ nic

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