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Moon Palace, RIU Las Americas, or Iberostar Paraiso Lindo - Need to decided

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I am flying down to Cancun this Friday to do some site visits so I can make up my mind on which of these to go with -- Moon Palace, RIU Palace Las Americas, or Iberostar Paraiso Lindo.


Unfortunately, there were some other resorts (i.e. Dreams Cancun) that I had to eliminate from my list because they did not have availability for a Friday/Saturday/Sunday wedding in Oct. or Nov. 2008.


Can anyone give me any advice on these resorts or pointers on what I should be looking for when I am down there this coming weekend?


Also, are there any other resorts I should consider visiting while I am down in Cancun? Dreams Cancun is out b/c of availability. sad.gif


I narrowed down the list to these 3 based on Friday/Saturday/Sunday wedding availability for Oct./Nov. 2008 and that they were all-inclusives. I REALLY would LOVE to hire an outside photographer, but I know this might be a challenge with some resorts. (I REALLY WANT BEAUTIFUL PICS!!!)


Thanks for your help!!!! dizzy.gif

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