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I HATE My New Haircut!!!!


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OMG! I went to get my hair trimmed yesterday because my prenantal vitamins are making it grow super fast.


I went to the same girl that cut it a few months ago because she did a good job. NOT THIS TIME!!! I wanted the same cut, just reshaped. She BUTCHERED it!!!


She totally stacked it in the back, and it's no longer longer in the front, it's the same length as the back. IT'S SO SHORT AND UGLY!!!!


I hope it grows back in the 2 months before our wedding or my pictures are going to look HORRIBLE!!!! I can't stop crying.


Jay says it looks fine, but he is just saying that.


It's so short that it can't even be fixed!!!


UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!



Sorry just needed to vent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I don't think I have the courage to post pictures. Remember the crap I put myself through to post pictures last time I got it cut when I actually liked the cut?


I haven't showered yet this morning, but maybe later I will get the courage to do it.



The length in the front WAS perfect....about 2 inches below my chin. Now it's about an inch ABOVE my chin!!! I even told her I liked the length in the front.


OH! And to top it off....I had to wait an HOUR for her to even see me because the girl before me was getting a color and the process took longer than usual. sad.gif


Is there a special dance I can do to make it grow longer? A chant? Something?

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I think after a week or two, you will feel better about it...you'll get used to it & it will grow out a bit. Right? Your prenatal vit's are making your hair grow fast...so count on that one! I think too if you start playing around w/styling you'll find something you can tolerate. I totally know where you are at hug2.gif

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oh no martha! that sucks! i bet it will grow fast enough to be just where you want it for the wedding. you've got over 2 months, that could be at least an inch of growth for sure, esp. with your vitamins!

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